Ultimate Spring-Cleaning Guide


While no one enjoys cleaning chores, a clean home is very satisfying and feels great to live in. If you hate cleaning chores, you can hire a professional to do the job for you by searching for “cleaning services near me”. On the other hand, you can also take spring cleaning into your own hands and do the following chores:

The Guide

  1. Clean the doormats – Your doormats have been collecting a lot of dust for the past few months. It’s time to clean them up to invite guests during the spring season. Fortunately, there’s not a lot to do here. You can simply hose down your dirty mats and they air-dry them in the sun unless they are made from plastic. If you have indoor mats, you can vacuum them on both sides while pushing them down against the floor. This helps to push residual dust on the floor so that you can easily pick it up later with the vacuum.
  1. Wipe down your walls – Throughout the seasons, your walls attract a lot of dust, stains, fingerprints, and grease. Fortunately, you can wipe off most of it with a damp microfiber cloth. Start by wiping the moist cloth from the top and going to the bottom. You need to wipe the walls with parallel passes, like mowing the lawn. While you’re wiping the walls, you can also wipe down the baseboards and door frames.
  1. Clean windows and dust out blinds – Before you start spraying the windows, wait for a cloudy day. If you start cleaning windows when it’s under direct sunlight it may leave ugly streaks. Start cleaning the windows from the shady part of your home. Raise the shades or blinds and spray the windows with a glass cleaner. After that, you can wipe it clean with a microfiber cloth. Once the windows are clean, you can bring down the shades or blinds and start dusting them. Finish it off by vacuuming the remaining dust.
  1. Get rid of the stink from your kitchen sink – You usually clean the kitchen sink once in a while after cleaning the dishes. However, sometimes if you dump the wrong food, the stink refuses to go away. You can easily fix this stinky situation with a few lemons. Get lemon peel and mince it up in a food grinder. Use some of that minced peel to rub your sink and shove the rest down the garbage disposal. Let that minced peel sit there for a few hours. After that, you can wash it down with cold water to get rid of the bad odor. 
  1. Freshen up the carpets – If you have carpets that need to be packed up after the cold season, it’s best to clean them up. Otherwise, the bacteria, odor, and any organic matter trapped in the carpet may rot in the closets and create a musty smell. To clean your thick carpet or rug, you can rent a portable carpet cleaner with a rotating brush. If your carpet has had puppy poop or stains, you can clean and remove the bad odor with baking soda. Sprinkle a generous amount on the carpet and work it into the fibers with a soft brush. Let it sit there for half an hour and vacuum it up. 
  1. Clean the microwave – Your microwave goes through a lot of abuse throughout the year. The new season brings you a great opportunity to get rid of all those pesky and stubborn stains inside and on the microwave. Fill up a large microwave-safe bowl with lime, chopped up lemon, orange peel, and several teaspoons of vinegar.

Keep this mixture inside the microwave and put it on high settings till the solution starts to boil up. When the microwave window gets steamy, stop the microwave and let it cool down for a few minutes. Remove the bowl and wipe the inside and outside of the microwave with a large sponge.

  1. Clean the countertops – If you have a regular laminate countertop, cleaning it is going to be as simple as washing with soapy water and wiping it dry. However, if you have a granite countertop, things get a bit tricky. Over the years your granite countertop may have even lost some of its shine. You can fix that by rubbing granite polish.

However, before you start rubbing in the polish, you need to clean it. You can get several specialized granite cleaners at the store. They are designed to seep into the porous surface of the granite and cut through stains and grease accumulation. While household vinegar is effective at cleaning granite, it also damages the granite surface by leaving behind a dull film. After you clean the granite countertop you can take your time to restore the shine of your countertop with a granite polish.

  1. Deep clean the refrigerator – Your refrigerator has all kinds of ingredients and may get the occasional spill and mess. That’s why you need to deep clean it at least once every year and spring cleaning is the perfect opportunity. Remove all the shelves, bins, and drawers from the refrigerator and clean them separately with warm soapy water. To clean the interior surface of the refrigerator, you can use a refrigerator cleaning agent and follow up with a solution of vinegar and lime to make it smell fresh. Don’t forget to clean the drip pan and the refrigerator coils either.
  1. Get rid of drain odors – To get rid of the nasty smells from the drains, wash them down with a mixture of table salt and baking soda, and warm vinegar. Let it stand for a few minutes before you rinse it down with cold water. After that follow up with a rinse of hot water from the tap.


Spring cleaning chores are never going to end. From trivial chores like washing reusable bags to deep cleaning the fridge, when it’s all added up it can become very tiring. You can allow professionals to do the spring cleaning of your home and hire them by searching for “cleaning services near me”.

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