Fire Protection Tips For Your Home

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Following very basic fire protection tips can be enough to ensure that your home stays safe against the risk which fires present. The damage which even the smallest of fires can have on your home is devastating and it is exactly why you should look to ensure that you are doing all that you can to mitigate this. Having insurance makes sense of course, but there is nothing that insurance can do for you against the loss of your possessions and valued memories. This is exactly why it is so critical that you follow fire protection tips at home, and here is what you should be focusing on.

Smoke Alarms

There is no excuse for not having smoke alarms fitted around your home. These are going to be crucial in making sure that should a fire begin, you and your family are able to get to safety before the fire grows and endangers you. Not only should you ensure that you have smoke alarms, they should also be regularly tested to make sure that they are in full working condition.

Ensure That You Have an Escape Route

It may not be a fun conversation but it is important that all of the family know what the evacuation route is. Consider the areas in which a fire could begin, and have a plan A, B and C in place to ensure that everyone will be able to safely get out of the property.

Fixing Equipment

One of the most common causes of fires at home is faulty equipment which is exactly why you must ensure that you fix anything which is broken when you see it. Electrical wires and equipment, cooking machinery and anything which uses electricity should be in full working order. Even something as simple as a wire which has frayed is enough to start a fire, so fix it before this can happen.

Switching Off Cooking Equipment

Just over 48% of all fires which begin at home are caused by cooking equipment which hasn’t been switched off. Very often it is the grease which is used in cooking that causes the fire and also causes it to spread very quickly indeed. This is why you should always ensure that you look to switch off all cooking equipment once you are finished with it.


The stats from fire protection services show that some 5% of all house fires are caused by smoking. The simplest rule which you can employ to remove the risk of this kind of fire is to just not smoke indoors. If you are a smoker, ensure that you are doing so outside of the property.

Heaters In The Home

Portable heaters and space heaters are a common cause of fire, which is why you have to ensure that you take great care when you are using them in the property. A great option here is to use timed plug switches which you can set to ensure that the heater will automatically turn off if you forget, or if you fall asleep.

These are very simple practices which can save lives and possessions in the home.

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