5 Contemporary Lighting Tips for Your Next Home Redesign

Modern living room with light fixtures

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Are you bored of your current home interiors and want to redesign a home that contains modern-contemporary style? Here are five contemporary lighting tips exploring lighting effects, fabulous feature staple pieces, and techniques that will be the perfect companion for your home’s interiors.

Contemporary Lighting Interiors

Modern-contemporary lighting combines minimalist design with a fresh appearance. Incorporate Modern lighting into an open space with lighting features such as diverse pendants that incorporate glass, metal, or wood tonalities to accompany the room’s interiors.

Most modern-contemporary lighting has bold characteristics which can become a centrepiece in any home. Moreover, if a staple piece is not what you want, you can adopt this style to many accompanying lighting fixtures such as lamps and wall lights.

Feature Staple Pieces

Feature lighting is starting to become a staple for design and home interiors. Pieces such as a vast range of chandeliers and artful and sculptural lighting are becoming a focal point for elegance and extravagant contemporary luxury.

Larger areas can provide a fantastic opportunity for bold and daring pieces, with smaller areas offering an unconventional design idea to exaggerate the living space.

Layering Your Lighting

Layered lighting is a sensational way of transforming your home’s interior. Perfect for rooms such as the living room, create a balanced and pleasant atmosphere by mixing warm and cool tones using chandeliers, walk scones, table lamps, floor lamps, and candlelight. This will illuminate the room to expose diverse atmospheres.

Modern living room with LED light fixtures

Image Source: Pixabay

LED Lighting

One of the most popular forms of LED bulbs is strip lights. You can use LED light strips on the back of a television or computer screen to create bias lighting, which aids in relieving eye strain. You can wonderfully place strips of LED lights on the top, bottom, and sides of your devices which can become a beautiful companion to colours painted on the display screen.

LED lights are highly efficient, with less heat, more light, and lower costs. Although these bulbs are high in price initially, they last up to ten years more than your average incandescent bulb and can effectively bring your modern-contemporary style to life sustainably.

 Understanding Lighting Effects

It is vital to comprehend various lighting techniques when thinking of remodelling your home, as this has a significant impact on how your home is showcased.

Wall Washing

Place any light at a reasonable distance making sure the beam reaches the entire surface; this then illuminates the entire wall vertically to create a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere upon reflection.


If you have any sensational art or objects in the home, highlight this particular feature using lighting for dramatic effect.


One of the most popular lighting effects, central light sources, are downlights that can cast uncomplimentary shadows that can be counterbalanced by warm lighting from lamps or LED lights.


Juxtaposing the downlighting effect, this beautiful effect utilises the light that bounces off ceilings to reflect light into the room.

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