Clever Dusting Tips: Get a Spotless Home with Half the Effort!

Irrespective of your home renovation idea, timely maintenance is essential so that your home decor appears new and appealing. Cleaning is an important part of maintenance. Although deep cleaning is not essential, you will have to dust your home regularly to keep dirt and dust away. Dusting your home may seem like a very difficult task but it is not. Mentioned below are a few tips that will help to keep your home clean without spending a lot of effort:

01 of 04 Clean the ceiling and the ceiling fan

One of the most obvious places where you will find dust is the ceiling fan. This is mostly because it is hard to reach and the dirty areas stay out of sight. If you ignore the fan for a very long time, the fan blades get very dusty. However, you must not worry as cleaning the blades is very easy. You just need a microfiber dusting brush. It will allow you to easily clean the blades without putting much effort. If a microfiber dusting brush is not available, you can use a piece of cloth. Another uncommon but effective hack is to put a pillow cover over the fan blade and wipe down the dust as you pull it off. This technique will allow you to contain the dust in one place while cleaning the blades. You do not have to worry about your entire room getting dusty just because you cleaned the ceiling fan. Also, it will not get into your eyes or nose.

While cleaning the ceiling fan, you must take a look at the ceiling as well. Mostly, the corners get filled with cobwebs. Check the ceiling properly and clean the cobwebs with a broom. If your home renovation idea involved a false ceiling with a cove, the edges should be cleaned as well.

02 of 04 Your carpet or rug and furniture upholstery

Carpets and rugs are important parts of home renovation ideas and help to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your room. However, they also catch a lot of dust. This does not mean you should avoid adding them to your home decor. Instead, you should clean them timely to ensure they stay clean and dust-free. Cleaning a carpet or rug is very easy. You just have to vacuum it properly. Carry the rug to the balcony and beat it with a stick as well if the rug is very dusty. If you have not cleaned the carpet for some time and a bad odour is coming from it, sprinkle baking soda on it. Leave it overnight and then vacuum it the next morning. Your carpet will get cleaned and smell new.

Just like a carpet or a rug, an upholstered furniture piece helps to add more comfort and visual interest to a space. However, the fabric can attract more dust. If you do not clean the furniture timely, you will see dust flying around every time you sit on your furniture. You can avoid this by cleaning the upholstery timely with a vacuum cleaner.

03 of 04 Wipe the mirrors clean

Mirrors are installed in a room during home renovation for various purposes. However, it can get dirty over time. You will start noticing small spots on it if it has not been cleaned for a very long time. A dirty mirror will diminish the overall appeal of any room. Also, you will not be able to see your reflection clearly in a dirty mirror. As a result, the entire purpose of installing a mirror during your home renovation will be lost. This is why cleaning the mirrors timely is very crucial. For cleaning it, make a mixture of water and vinegar in a 50:50 ratio. Now, spry the solution all over the mirror. Let it settle on the surface for a couple of minutes and then wipe the surface gently with a newspaper or piece of cloth. Make sure you wipe in circles to avoid streaks.

04 of 04 Pay attention to your furniture and cabinetry

Cleaning your furniture or cabinets can be a little tricky. Before you can get started, you will have to determine the material and finish. Only after knowing these details, can you start cleaning. This is because some cleaning techniques might not be suitable for your furniture and cabinetry. If your furniture and cabinetry have a laminate or acrylic finish, you can clean them using a soft and damp cloth. However, make sure that you do not leave an unsightly streak on the surface after cleaning. In case you have furniture pieces made of wood or that feature a veneer finish, only use a soft and dry microfiber cloth for cleaning. Using a damp piece of cloth for wiping them clean can cause damage. However, getting rid of stubborn stains like grime on your kitchen cabinetry can be difficult with just a dry piece of cloth. In such cases, make a mixture of water and white vinegar in a 50:50 ratio and clean the surface of your cabinetry with a piece of cloth after dipping it in the solution. This will help to get rid of all kinds of stains. However, it is important that you wipe the surface with a dry piece of cloth after cleaning with the solution so that moisture does not settle.

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