Top Things to Consider When Designing a Custom Shed

small garden shed

When people think of sheds, they often think of old wooden constructions at the bottom of the garden, somewhere dads go to get some quiet time and pretend to make something useful. But things have changed. Companies are now using better, sturdier modern materials, and companies are letting the consumer’s design custom sheds to suit their needs. The humble shed now has many other uses besides storing tools or lawnmowers.

Designing Your Shed

All sheds are made for a purpose, and should you feel capable of designing your own, let the imagination run a bit. The primary thing to consider is what you intend to use it for, storage, home office, or even a bar for watching sports with friends and family. The use of your custom shed is the number one factor, but the budget is another thing definitely to consider.

The material used depends on the climate in which it is erected. Steel is the preferred material to use these days. More sturdy and longer-lasting than wooden structures and easier to keep clean. The design of a custom shed should be shown to the experts who will build it.

Consider The Amount Of Space The Shed Will Need

One of the main things people don’t consider when designing their shed is the room it will take up. It is easy to get carried away with the design, but depending on the land on which it is built, there may not be much left if the shed is too dominating. There is a balance between the garden space, for example, and the size of the shed. If it is too big, there will be no need for many garden tools to store.

Check The Local Legal Regulations

As with any construction, check with the local government that it is legal. For example, building sheds in Melbourne is possible, but there are building codes to consider, even for custom sheds. Factors they consider include the size, the use, the cost, and could it ruin the view of another homeowner. The material used should also be considered. These questions need to be answered, and the construction company should have the answers. If not, a trip to your local council will need to be taken along with the plans for guidance.

Potential Problems With The Location For The Shed

Once the custom shed design is agreed upon and permission is granted to build, there is one other thing to consider, the land it is being built on. Check for potentially overhanging trees. They may seem fine now, but in bad weather, the branches may damage the shed roof. Knowing how the land drains rainwater is also very important. Nobody wants to paddle to the shed. If necessary, cut back trees or remove them entirely if it may be a problem. The garden may need some help draining the water. A professional gardener or landscape gardener will have some ideas and advice about a solution to this.

Is it Possible to Design And Build Your Shed?

The designing part is probably the least of many people’s worries. Building it correctly is another story for most. It is very plausible to build your own shed, but you need all the correct tools and materials if it is to be done safely and correctly. Unless you have experience, it is probably best to let the experts do the construction, under your ever learning supervision.

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