6 Easy Tips to Make Your Wall Decals Stand Out in 2022

Wall decals are gaining eyeballs in 2022 and we can’t be happier about it. Have you always wanted to paint your walls with whimsical or trendy wall designs but are scared to make that kind of commitment? That is where wall decals come into the picture. Wall decals let you decorate your walls without causing a dent in your wallet and the best part is that you can peel them off whenever you want.

People are gravitating towards wall decals because of the endless choice of designs, patterns and colours available when it comes to wall decals. Have you decided to spruce up your place with wall decals but want your walls to look unique? Read along to discover 6 tips that will make your wall decals look like no one else’s.

  1. Match it with the theme of your home

Not many people bother to keep in mind the theme of their home and the existing colour palette of their home while shopping for wall decals. Avoid this mistake and choose wall decals that will complement the theme of your home and the colours that you have incorporated into your space.

  1. Tell a tale 

Why let the wall decals just be eye candy when they can be used to express a tale? An easy way to make your decals stand out is to choose different motifs and lay them in a way that they tell you a tale. You can try doing this in your kids’ room to make them curious and dream about adventure and distant lands. Animal, floral, forest, cartoon and nautical are some common motifs that you can use to tell a story through your walls.

  1. Repeating pattern 

Do you feel like there is no wall design out there that you are completely obsessed with? If yes, then why not customise your wall decal? You can pick multiple small decals with the same geometric patterns or any pattern of your choice and install them in a repeating pattern throughout the wall. This will allow you to have a unique wall which you can rest assured no one else has.

  1. Create a 3D effect

If you want your walls to be the showstopper in a room, then consider installing wall decals that give a 3D effect to your space. This will add depth, character and drama to your space and make it stand out. You can either go for something abstract like waves, swirls or something classic like a faux stone wall. A faux stone wall will instantly make your place look cosy, intimate and add an old-world charm to your space.

  1. Use a large single flower wall decal 

People who want their wall decals to be unique must ditch the conventional small floral motifs and instead choose a single flower wall decal. This will add drama to your space and make your space look quirky and fun. A pro tip is to hunt for flower motifs which aren’t commonly available like lotus, peonies and chrysanthemum stickers.

  1. Add texture 

You can consider introducing texture into your space through your wall decals. For this, you must choose a wood wall or brick wall decal for your space. These wall decals will look great if you have industrial styled or minimalistic houses.

Remember that you can customise a wall decal or self adhesive wallpaper according to your taste and preference and make it look unique and one of a kind.

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