Burglary Is Surprisingly Simple – So Is Preventing It

Hollywood has done a fantastic job of leading us to believe that burglary is a highly sophisticated crime requiring expensive technology, a ton of knowledge, and skills that can only be mastered with time. But in reality, burglary is a surprisingly simple crime. Preventing it is pretty simple, too.

Note that there are exceptions to every rule. There are highly sophisticated burglars who make a living targeting luxury homes where they can find high ticket items. But such burglaries are the exception to the rule. Most burglaries are crimes of opportunity that take place in working-class neighborhoods and involve things like cash, jewelry, and small electronics.

Burglars Look for Easy Entry

It may come as no surprise to you that burglars look for easy entry. The vast majority enter homes through unlocked windows and doors. When windows and doors are locked, burglars prefer to kick in a door rather than break a window. Why? Because breaking windows generates more noise and creates a safety hazard.

Given that windows and doors are preferred entry points, it stands to reason that the first floor of any home is most vulnerable. So if you are the type of person who doesn’t make an effort to keep your first-floor doors and windows locked, you are increasing the chances of being burglarized.

Burglars Want Value

Burglars are a lot like small business owners. They want maximum value for their efforts. Therefore, they tend to target homes they believe will have the types of items they want. That is why suburbia is such a haven for successful burglars. Suburban neighborhoods are where they find easy-to-steal items they can turn around and sell on the street.

Burglars Do Not like Attention

Next up, burglars do not like attention. In fact, they hate it. That’s why suburban homes in the middle of a block are more likely to be burglarized than homes located on corners. A corner house has more exposure to neighborhood eyes. Interestingly enough, the exact opposite is true in apartment buildings.

Corner apartments are more likely to be burglarized because their access doors are at the end of a hallway. Non-corner units obviously have doors on either side, meaning more potential exposure.

How to Stop Burglary

There are other factors that clearly demonstrate just how simple a crime burglary really is. However, that point has been made. It is time to discuss how to stop burglary in its tracks. According to Vivint Smart Home, years of study data suggest that installing a monitored home security system is the most effective strategy for preventing burglary.

In addition to monitored home security, homeowners should keep their windows and doors locked at all times. Doors should be secured with heavy-duty deadbolts in addition to standard handle locks.

Maintaining trees and shrubs in order to provide an unobstructed view from the street helps quite a bit. So does planting thorny shrubs in front of first-floor windows. The point is to make it as difficult as possible for burglars to enter your home quickly and quietly.

Do Not Invite Burglars

One last thing to consider is this: do not invite burglars to your home by over sharing. Keep your private life private. Do not use social media to broadcast to the world where you are, where you are going, and what you own. Otherwise, over sharing makes you a target.

Burglary is not a terribly sophisticated or complex crime. It is actually pretty simple. Preventing it is a matter of understanding how burglars work and then actively working against them to make their lives as difficult as possible.

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