Tips on Designing Your Own Carport

designing a carport

Adding a custom carport to your property is not only something that is going to look great, it is also going to provide you with the perfect space for you to keep your vehicles — not to mention increasing your property price. Carports may not offer the same level of security that a garage can, but in terms of protecting your vehicles from the elements, they really do a fine job. There are some standard designs that you can follow if you have decided to add a carport to the property, but a custom design gives you full control over every aspect, ensuring that it offers everything that you need.

When designing your carport, here are some tips that will help you to create the perfect addition to your home.

Taking Inspiration

The first step here is to take inspiration from others who have built their own carports, and simply driving around your neighborhood will give you some great ideas. In terms of creative carports Melbourne is a great example of where you can find exciting designs and inspiration. Make notes about how carports have been constructed and how they fit in with the rest of the property.

Adding Value

When we talk about adding value here we are referring to cosmetic value rather than real estate value. This is a critical aspect to consider when you are designing your own carport. No matter whether you decide to attach the carport to your property or choose to place a structure elsewhere, the aesthetics should fit in with the characteristics of your property.

Understanding Materials

The materials that you use will be based on how it fits in with the main property and what kind of conditions the carport will face. For example Colorbond carports are a great option for use in harsher climates given the level of protection that they are able to offer. If you have a home with an attractive design then the coarseness of this kind of metal may not fit in well. These are important aspects to consider. Aesthetics are of course important, but so too is the general function of your carport.

Tried and Tested

Whilst there are no rules as to how to construct your carport, there are some tried and tested designs that are well worth considering. For example skillion carports are very common, and within this roof design there is a lot of scope for adding to your own creativity. Dutch gable roofing is also a popular choice, although this offers less by way of adding design touches. Using a traditional design as a base is a smart move, as it will provide structural integrity and a great look to your property.

And finally it is critical that you are in constant discussion with the team who will be building your carport, so that you can stay on top of cost and the timeframe. The last thing you want is any kind of miscommunication that results in anything other than the perfect design. Take your time and be sure to investigate as many option as possible so that your carport is everything that you have hoped for.

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