5 Recycling Hacks for your Kitchen

Kitchens are the hub for all waste to reside and will usually retain the highest amount compared to other rooms. With 80% of all waste being recyclable, a 3 compartment recycling bin and a couple of essential recycling hacks can keep everything clean and organised. In this article, we will be discussing five recycling hacks for you to utilise within your kitchen.

1. Collect Jars

An excellent hack for recycling within your kitchen is to use the waste itself as a form of storage. Instead of purchasing more, use what you have at your disposal to maximise space and recycle efficiently.

You can use this method in multiple ways, and you could use the jars as spice or utensil holders. Tins could be used as storage for all manner of things.

This hack will keep everything organised and help you reduce waste!

2. Worn-out Cutlery

Another recycling hack within your kitchen is utilising old cutlery to provide additional support in the kitchen. An old fork could be used as a declogger, while a worn-out spoon could be used as a holder for used teabags. An old knife could be used as a wall hook for mugs and other stuff.

By using existing cutlery in new ways, you’re reducing your overall waste within your kitchen and creating a helpful additional tool to use when cooking.

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3. In cupboard Kitchen Recycling Bins

Often, recycling can become disorganised and scattered within a kitchen, and it can be hard to keep on top of everything when so much is recyclable. That is why purchasing an easy to access in-cupboard kitchen bin is a great hack. These bins are hidden in cupboards and labelled to the corresponding recyclable material.

These can be carefully and quickly removed and recycled when the bin is full. These bins are brilliant for those that need a simple recycling system that everyone can use.

4. Recycle Cooking Oil

Are you aware of the damaging effects that cooking oil has on the environment if disposed of down the drain or in the bin? That is why it is best to recycle your cooking oil by putting it in a designated bottle after being used. This oil can be kept until the bottle is full and then transported to a restaurant that is seeking used oil.

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5. Keep Recycling Organised

sure that everything is kept separate. Each item/material is recycled with a different method, and keeping everything separate makes sure that this process is easy for those who recycle after you dispose of the waste.

Hopefully, our recycling hacks will help you reduce your waste and keep your kitchen clean and organised!

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