How To Start And Design A Home Décor Blog? Top Tips!

Talk of popular blogging niches, and you have home décor, interior design and DIY décor blogs, which make consider money through varied means. Home improvement blogs are typically fun, full of amazing pictures, and offer readers a fair and more affordable way to redesign and reimagine their home. If you are interested in creating a website for this niche, we have a simple guide below with all the basic aspects.

Domain and hosting

These are the first two things you will require to start any blog or website. The domain name is what people will search and eventually remember, and therefore, you have to select a name that’s easy to remember and is related to the home improvement niche. Of course, the domain should be up for sale, and if possible, go for a .com extension. The hosting provider is equally important, and you can initially select a plan for one domain, with unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage. HostGator has some amazing plans, or as a better choice, go for BlueHost.

How to create a theme that stands out?

Home décor blogs must rely on visual appeal, and the theme is particularly important. The design and overall site structure should be easy to navigate, so that users can find the sections and contents they want. Also, you have to ensure that the color theme defines the niche. Bright pop colors and pastel shades are often commonly selected for home improvement sites. You also need to consider the font, which must be readable and relatable. For the design, focus on creating specific segments and sections on the blog, and ensure that the photos used for the content and in the background are original.

Choosing the Content Management System

Selecting the CMS or Content Management System is as important. It’s not enough to just launch the website – You have to manage, update, and modify it time and again, and with a good CMS, the task is easier. WordPress is the go-to platform for most blogs, and you will have all sorts of ready plug-ins (both free and paid) to enhance functionality of your website.

In conclusion

Do not complicate your home décor blog with too many visual effects, but make sure that every page has enough photos and images to go with each content and blog post. Done right, you can create a brand of interior design and décor in no time.

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