Simple Renovation Tips To Prepare Your Home For The Summer

Wonder what the single thing that is constant in this world? Change. However, not everyone welcomes change with open arms. The same goes for home renovation projects. When you’ve held onto the memories that come with your good-old cozy home, it becomes a stressful task to try and change what used give you happiness and comfort.

With the warmer weather making its way into our homes this summer, it is high time that you give your home a makeover. Here are a few tricks to help you ensure you’ll have a summer-ready home this season.

Plan And Prioritize

Planning and budgeting are the two essentials of a successful home renovation project. The trick is to prioritize the which projects matter to you the most. Since it’s summer, you’d want to focus on the projects that will make your home cool and comfortable. This way, you can ensure that you get the things that needed attention done first.

Budget Your Home Improvement Projects

The next step is to estimate the costs and work out a realistic budget. By listing out the renovations you want to accomplish this summer, you can start setting a budget. You have the option to use your savings or apply for a loan such as a jumbo loan to finance your renovation project.

What is a jumbo loan in Texas? It is a bigger than usual home loan as the amount you can get is larger than conventional loan limits. This is not only for those who want to acquire a bigger home loan to buy a house but is also perfect if you’re going to tap into your equity to cash out a considerable amount of money you can use for home renovation projects.

Go For Energy-Efficient HVAC System

With the summer heat threatening to turn your comfy home into a warm oven, it only fits to invest on Energy Star-Certified HVACs. This way, you can reduce your energy bills while improving your home’s value at the same time. These last longer and energy-efficient HVAC systems work great in providing your cooling and heating needs, and can also help improve air quality in your home as well.

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Don’t Take Your Windows For Granted

Treat your windows by getting rid of thick draperies and turn to fresh and breezy curtains. Go for thin sheers and light-colored curtains as these can instantly give your home an instant summer vibe. Don’t forget to clean your windows before putting on your new window treatments.

Create An Outdoor Living Space

Decks and patios are an excellent way to add indoor living space outdoors. It proves to be an excellent way to maximize your outdoor space since you can use this to entertain guests, enjoy your morning coffee or late afternoon tea. Build a deck or patio, add a few outdoor furnitures and dress it into a comfortable nook for family and friends. Throw in your barbeque grill, and you’re ready to host BBQ parties this summer.

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Give It A Fresh Coat Of Paint

Summer is the perfect season to paint your home a fresh color update. You get to choose to paint a single or all rooms in the house if you have the time and budget to do so. Your furniture also deserves some TLC, and fresh paint color can do the trick.

These simple tips can turn your house into a summer-ready home. Plan, stick to your budget and think of comfort and efficiency, and your home will be too cool for the summer in no time.

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