How Clutter is Hurting Your Family’s Life

We’re all guilty of collecting more stuff than we need. The problem is that we can’t part with these items as they pile up in an extra room. Your garage is no longer suitable for the car because your items are taking up so much room. Clutter is damaging your way of life. It hurts your family in the end. Your kid’s room now is the stocking place to place everything you want to look at later in the corner. Consider these five things to changing your life by de-cluttering and getting a grip on organizing.

1. Decrease clothes

Most of our closets are stacked with clothes. There can be so many clothes that we haven’t even tried all of them on. We shop all day to come home and throw what we’ve bought on the bed or put them far in the closet. It’s important to take a stand and decrease the number of clothes you are buying or hoarding away. Set a limit on what you want to buy in terms of clothes that you need. Don’t find yourself buying clothes you plan to fit in later when you lose weight either.

2. One space

Pick one space where all of your items can go. This gives you a good idea of how much stuff you’re hoarding. You will quickly start to see the clutter build up. This will give you a wake-up call on what you’re doing. This is also important when you’re using your child’s room as the space where everything collects. This can make them feel bogged down with enormous amounts of items weighing on them within their room. A house full of clutter is not healthy for the entire family.

3. Thrift haul

Consider doing a thrift haul. Many people want and need things you are storing in your garage or house. If you haven’t touched any of your items in over a year, then it’s time to start digging through the clutter. Make piles of those things you know you will eventually get to and don’t need at all. You might find everything needs to go. Thrift stores are welcoming to new items, whether it’s a toaster or children’s toys. If a thrift store doesn’t do it for you, then consider storing stuff outside of the home. Look at storage units at Self Storage Locke Ave to help you with your needs.

4. Donate

Think about donating. Find an organization where people need the stuff you’re hoarding. This can clean your clutter out fast. For one, you’ll be doing a good deed and giving something people can use and desperately need. Donating makes us feel good about ourselves. You’ll unclutter your life and see the future more clearly. You can return to your home and smile when you see you’ve decreased the number of items you’ve held on for years. Pick non-profit organizations that speak to what you believe in. You might find yourself volunteering and giving even more stuff away.

5. What do you need?

Take a step back, and look at what you’ve collected over the years. Write down what you need and want to keep. It should always be items that make sense for you and your family. Never hang on to useless stuff. You might want to consider looking at your buying habits. Many people admit they simply have a shopping addiction. It’s a serious condition, especially if you’ve lost control. No one should find themselves with an impulse to buy everything that’s on the shelf. Reach out to a professional for help if you can’t stop and your clutter is overwhelming. Today, some businesses can come to your home and help you get on an organized plan.

These are five ways clutter is hurting your life and how you can regain control. Think about decreasing the number of clothes you’re buying. Stick with simple outfits to wear to work. Put everything in one space so you can organize better. Consider doing a thrift store haul or get a storage unit and bring some of your stuff to them. Find a good non-profit organization to connect to and donate your items. Look at everything you’ve collected. Ask yourself what you need. It’s hard to do, but in the end, you’ll be happy to come home to an empty room, and can finally put your car in the garage.

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