7 Most Important Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring is around the corner and many of us are gearing up to get ready for a thorough and cleansing spring clean. This time of the year has been coined “spring cleaning.” After the chaos of the summer when kids are home all day every day, running in and out of the house with their friends, your house begins to look a little beat up. On top of that, the muddy winter months, where snow begins to melt, rain starts to pour, and everything seems to get dusty, stained, and flat out dirty, spring can’t come soon enough!

Get the family involved to begin purging items that are no longer needed, or items that are broken, then deep clean all the crevices of our homes that don’t get any love throughout the rest of the year. This can be a great time to press the refresh button in your home.

While some might look forward to this time of the year, others might dread it and not have a clue of where to begin. This is exactly why we have created a thorough list of the seven most important things to clean in and around your home this spring.

Start with your car

Throughout the summer and winter, you have probably taken your car to get a quick wash here and there. But a deep clean at home is not only more affordable but oftentimes more thorough, especially if you are using quality products like nanoCare from nano-care.com to get a more resilient coating on your car that will last throughout the coming months.

Don’t forget your gutters

Cleaning your gutters is essential to the function of your home, and doing this during the spring is the perfect time to get it done.

Clean your windows inside and out

But don’t stop there, get a great microfiber cloth and a mild streak-free cleaning solution that can be used on any and all surfaces in your home. Surfaces can get spotted, greasy, cloudy, and feel dirty. Get yourself a nice, durable microfiber cloth to clean the surfaces of all the tables, desks, shelves, and windows of your home. You won’t believe the difference this makes after a long year of wear and tear. Most of the time we have enough time to clean off all the regularly used surfaces, like kitchen and bathroom counters, but taking the time to do absolutely every single surface in your home will last for months to come.

Give your couch a deep clean

This one might not be something that you think about that often, but it is definitely necessary. This is probably one of the most used pieces of furniture in your home aside from our beds. If you have a couch with covers, simply unzip them and pop them in the washer! Then make sure you wipe down or even vacuum under the cushions and under the couch. You will be glad you did this if you ever decide to rearrange your living room.

Clean your walls and baseboards

Clean your walls and baseboards with mild detergent and soapy water. Walls and baseboards get dirty just like everything else. If you look closely enough, you will probably find way too many unsightly mystery stains all from your hands! Do this once a year and your walls will look like they have been repainted without all the extra hassle. This is one that the entire family can do together. Simply give each family member a big soft sponge and a bucket and let them get to work on a different room in the house. In no time you will have bright, clean, sparkling walls.

Dust your fans

This one is staying short and simple because we are all aware of how much dust can accumulate on top of the blades of your fans. This is a big no-no! More importantly, if you are going through all the effort to clean your furniture, dust everything else off and even sponge clean your walls, they will get dirtier much faster if you have a dirty fan blowing dust around.

Clean your trash can

Yes, once again this is something that will inevitably get dirty and stinky throughout the year. Take it outside, hose it down with soapy water and maybe even a little bleach to kill those germs. And, voila, perfectly clean for the rest of the year.

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