What Is a Smart Toilet & Why Should You Buy One?

In the current ‘smart’ era, the ‘smart home’ concept is gaining immense popularity worldwide. Many people are adopting newer, smarter, and innovative technologies to make their daily life simpler. These technologies range from AC (air conditioner) units with human detection sensors, lights that can be operated with a wave of a hand or voice command and wireless security systems.

Keeping in line with the current ‘smart home technology,’ many people are now leaning towards installing smart toilets, and it is becoming a norm. This revolutionary technology originated in Japan, and it has been around for about 20 years. If you have been intrigued by smart toilets and want to install one in your home, you must know what it is and if it is worth investing in one.

What is a smart toilet?

Smart toilet is an advanced toilet system that has many advanced built-in features and has smart technological capability to interact with the users. These devices have the capacity to do many things, such as playing music, saving water, flushing at the touch of a button, etc.

Let us look at some of the features of smart toilet

Warm seat

Most smart toilet systems have seat warmers that warm the seat as per your preference.

Automatic lid

Another interesting feature of smart toilet systems is the automatic lid. It automatically opens and closes, giving you a touch-free experience.

Night light

If you want to use the toilet at night or when it is dark, smart toilets give you ambient night lighting.

Adjustable sprays

The jet spray is an important and integral part of a smart toilet system. It allows you to adjust the pressure and water temperature as per your preference.

Why should you buy a smart toilet?

Now that you know what a smart toilet is and its various features, it would help to understand if investing in a smart toilet system is worth it.

One of the biggest benefits of a smart toilet system is that these units are usually smaller than the regular toilets; they can be easily mounted on the wall. Thus, smart toilets help you save valuable space, and are best suited for small bathrooms.

Toilets are one of the dirtiest spaces in the house; they tend to be a breeding ground for many disease-causing germs. And when you touch these toilets for flushing or opening and closing the lid, you become susceptible to contracting diseases. However, with smart toilets, you can say goodbye to such worries, especially if you have small children at home. With features like automatic lid, you need not touch the vessel and have a comfortable user experience. Also, the automatic flushing ensures that the toilet is always clean and germ-free.

Each time you press the flush button in your standard toilet, a considerable amount of water gets wasted. With the rising concerns of water shortage and the pressing need to conserve water, installing smart toilets are a great way to reduce water wastage at home. These units use the right amount of water to clean the toilet and save water considerably.

Final Word

Thus, with such amazing features and benefits of smart toilets, these units are definitely worth buying and they give you full value for your money.

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