Vintage leather sofa

If you are a fan of collecting vintage items and have a good eye towards exclusive furniture, you must know about vintage leather. But, if that is not the case, you are on the right page to know all about vintage leather emphasis, especially on a vintage leather sofa. Keep in mind that going on a shopping spree is quite easy, but looking for vintage leather is perfect in all ways. There are many types which are available in the market, and all do look the same. So let us see how to pick the perfect vintage leather, be it furniture, clothing, bed, chairs, or vehicles.

What is vintage?

If you break the word, then you will get vint and age. It practically means anything which is quite old but has aged nicely. There are many things in the world which are old and rare but have a perfect look and even better if we compare the latest stuff. That state of condition is termed vintage. Moreover, all vintage items have to be almost forty years old or more.

What is vintage leather?

If you want to understand a vintage, then another word for it is antique. It mostly refers to antique and old furniture with the addition of a vintage leather sofa. But there are various other old and precious things that can also fall under the same category, like jewellery and paintings.

Why is having vintage leather important?

Having leather for upholstery and furniture is everyone’s dream, especially if you have diversity in it. Each season we look towards new trends, but few things have been a style icon for centuries and will remain the same in the coming years. It is wise to incorporate the same into the new look, making every eye turn towards you.

Similarly, having vintage leather is considered the most important part of today’s world. It could be the jacket you have, a leather book cover, a leather photo cover album or even a vintage leather sofa. The older it is, the better it will be. A few styles always remain the same and are considered cool and chic. So having vintage leather in any form is important for each individual to create their style.

How to pick the perfect vintage leather?

The market is flooded with leather items that come in all textures, sizes and colours. It may be from a lamb or a llama which are sheared regularly. Hence, picking genuine vintage leather is not an easy task, but the search becomes effortless if you know what you are looking for. If you want to buy new leather, then look for the top grain, which is affordable. You may want a brand new vintage, so make sure it is not mixed with synthetics.

Other than that, if you are a fan of preloved items, especially a vintage leather sofa, and keep a close eye on budget, then go for used vintage leather. There are great chances that you will find imperfections and creasing, but the rugged look will give a distressed feeling which contributes to a genuine vintage look. Other than that, repair the minor blemishes with conditioner and dyes, and you have the perfect vintage piece you always wanted.

With that, there are some other points to keep in mind, which are discussed below. First, we will look at the types of upholstery leather available.

  1. The full-grain is the best value among all. The top layer is kept intact, and the holes are there for evidence of originality.
  2. The split-grain leather is the cheapest and is available everywhere. It is divided into two parts, dyed and then corrected for pigmentation. If it is heavily finished, then you would find it difficult to distinguish between the other types.
  3. The corrected-grain leather has superficial prints, some defects and a uniform appearance. It is expensive and particularly resistant to stains.
  4. Pure aniline leather is untreated at all times. It has a porous surface which helps to absorb natural oils. It is transparent, so it is used with full-grain leather for the finished look.
  5. The semi-aniline has a thin layer of pigment applied to the colour and for the uniform colour.
  6. The pigmented leather has an addition of a wax layer. It creates an antique effect and is quite soft but resistant. It is best for vehicle upholstery and vintage leather sofa.
  7. The printed leather has many prints, which are stamped or printed with textures on the surface. Most common are reptile prints here.
  8. The other is the hand buffered leather, where artisans apply aniline dye. The protective polish seals it. It is the best for furniture upholstery.
  9. Danding the full-grain leather creates the nubuck leather. It creates a velvety appearance which absorbs stains and fluids spilled on it.

Is it worth investing in?

Investing in good leather is worth spending money on. If you buy the top quality leather, it will last for a lifetime and suffice for other leather items. Be sure to keep a checklist on the points discussed above, and you will not be disappointed.


Picking the perfect leather for upholstery is a challenging task. There are so many varieties available with various colours, but not all types need top quality. Do check before you purchase, so you have the best vintage leather in town. Always try to have a vintage leather sofa in your house or office and see the difference as you become the style icon at the earliest.

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