Tips for Choosing a Reliable Moving Company in California


Moving days are always stressful and are marred by unexpected outcomes such as broken properties or surprise bills.

Although getting a reliable moving company is not an easy task and may require serious research, the efforts and time to accomplish this can be worth the results. This article provides tips for choosing a reliable moving company in California. Read on for more details.

Get Referrals

Browsing the internet or phonebook to get moving companies is not an easy task. It is therefore vital to get referrals. Start by asking family members, friends, or workmates for recommendations of reputable movers.

Also, real estate agents can be ideal go-to when looking for a reliable moving company since they get direct contacts from such companies. Reach out to them for referrals.

Fully Licensed and Insured

For those who want to move from state to state or interstate moving, getting a moving company having a USDOT number is highly recommended. The DOT number is a unique number that is issued by the US state Department of Transportation.

Run it through the department’s database to ensure it is valid. Remember, not all companies will have this number, but if they do, then it is a reputable company.

Moving companies doing interstate moving should possess a state license number. For instance, the license number for movers Raleigh NC in California should be Cal T number. This can be searched in their database for validation and authenticity.

Get Estimates and Use the Rule of Three

While looking for a moving company, it is advisable to get at least three in-home written estimates. Take caution if the estimates are unusually low, or the company provides them online or over the phone.

A reliable moving company will send a representative to assess the scope of work physically and give a comprehensive quotation based on what they have seen. If it does not follow this order, then it might be a scam.

Watch Out For Red Flags

Be on the lookout for any red flags during the estimation process. For instance, a reliable moving agency will not request cash deposits before moving.

If the company seems hungry for money upfront, then it may not be a legal business. Avoid such companies and look for another one. Again, during the estimation process, look at how professional or unprofessional they are.

If they cannot answer questions directly, arrive late, or look unsure of their abilities, look for another company. For example, in California, movers Raleigh NC, Athens moving experts are among the most trusted moving companies, reaching out for professionalism and reliability.

Are they Active in the Community?

While it is not a must to choose a company that is giving back to society, it is a good sign of business. A company that is actively involved in the Community intends to be part of that community for a long time.

And if they are conscious about their Community, they are probably conscious about their consumers too.

For example, movers Raleigh, NC, has been actively involved in community issues around California since 2015, a fact that has made them one of the most trusted movers across Chapel Hill, Morrisville, Holly Springs, NC, and beyond.


Moving is a stressful task that is characterized by extra bills and broken properties. It is therefore important to get a reliable and reputable moving company to avoid such incidents.

Start by getting referrals from friends, family, or workmates, choose a fully licensed and insured company, get more than three estimates, beware of red flags and select a company with an active presence in the Community.

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