Tips for Choosing a Pool Maintenance Service

An inground private pool can be one of the largest investments you will make around your home, so you want to make sure that it is cared for and maintained properly. Some owners do not have time to be able to care for and maintain a pool completely on their own, or may not have the physical ability to perform some of the tasks required, so hiring pool maintenance service is very helpful.

Exactly what pool services are offered will differ by the service company and services may also offer a variety of different care and maintenance levels ranging from weekly pool cleaning to equipment repair or a full pool renovation.

Here’s some things to consider when choosing a pool service company

Do some online homework

Make sure to check out each pool service company you were interested in online. Take a close look at the details of their company website. Do they regularly maintain the website or has it been a while since they have updated their information? What do their customer reviews look like? Take a look at reviews beyond just their particular website by looking at third-party review sites such as yelp.

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Compare services

Ask yourself what it is exactly you would like for a maintenance company to come in and help with, and then find several companies in your area that offer those services and compare prices. But remember that cheaper is not always better, do not just go with the lowest current service price. You may end up with very poor workmanship.

Make sure to read a service agreement contract fine print

Before signing on the dotted line or handing over any payment, make sure you know everything that is included in the cost and service that you are hiring someone to do. Look at every piece of a service contract before signing it to ensure that the job you are expecting will be done, is in fact what will be done, and that no extra hidden fees or costs will pop up when service is provided.

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Make sure that they have insurance

Working at someone else’s home and especially working around a pool is a risky business. Even a company that hires the most reputable hard-working and trustworthy of employees can have an accident or two that is unforeseen. You want to make sure that the company has liability insurance that is covering their employee as well as any accident that may happen to your property during routine service and maintenance.

Discuss how frequent communication will work

Im hiring a pool service to come in routinely to help take care of your pool there will be things that need to be communicated back-and-forth between the pool maintenance person and the homeowner. Ask how the company takes care of these important communications. Some companies leave paper tags on the door with information about what was performed and the test results of the water, others may choose to email information, while others might have their own phone app to easily interact with.

Ask them why you should use their company over another one

A confident pool service provider will know why they are the best provider in the area to take care of your pool and will quickly, easily, and confidently be able to communicate that to you as well as give you an example of how they can provide a better service than their surrounding competitors.

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