Staging A Home Before You List It

Taking the time to stage your home before potential buyers view it is a good idea. This extra step can help move a property more quickly with a higher price point. Staged houses allow viewers to visualize the residence as their potential home and highlight the positive spaces in each room.

While the thought of staging your property may be overwhelming you do not need to be a professional designer to create a beautifully staged place. Strategically arranging furnishing and decor will help you present your home in its best light. Experienced realtor Sol Kahane works in the Springfarm Yorkville real estate market and he has some great tips on staging a home.

  • Why Stage Your Home 

Many real estate markets are heavily competitive and having your house stand out amongst the others for sale can mean the difference between getting an offer or having your house sit unsold. Creating a relatively blank canvas while also showing your home’s potential is a clever way for your property shine.

  • Clutter Distracts the Eye

One of the biggest hinderances to a sale is listing a home that has not been adequately de-cluttered. It is difficult for a buyer to see the true face of a house if knick-knacks and personal items are taking up a lot of the space. Consider renting a small storage locker to store things in while your place is listed.

  • Light and Bright

Most buyers are looking for a home with a lot of natural light. A dark looking residence can scare off an interested buyer so create a bright house for people to walk through. Open all curtains and window shades before any tours and borrow or buy some extra lamps to brighten rooms that tend to be on the darker side.

  • Focus on the Important Rooms 

While staging the whole property can be a nice touch it may be a bit much for the average seller. In this case chose the rooms that are most crucial to a sale. The living room is a centrepiece in every home and the master bedroom is a room buyers love to see staged. The kitchen and bathrooms should be sparkling clean. Add a vase of seasonal flowers for an extra punch.

  • Odour Alert

Nothing turns off a potential buyer more than a home with an underlying odour. Clean your kitty litter box and open your windows before an Open House. While candles or air fresheners are too strong and may trigger allergies consider buying a diffuser and putting in a couple of drops of essential oil.

  • Fill Empty Rooms

If you are selling a property that has been sitting empty or your current furniture is not show-room ready you can rent new modern furnishings to fill the space. You only need a few key pieces as the house will feel smaller and crowded with too many. Chose a more classic traditional design for the best results.

  • Stage Your Yard or Patio

A backyard or patio is an added bonus to any property. Often when one is selling a home they focus primarily on the inside of the house and forget that the outside can also affect the price and the length of the listing. Create an inviting outdoor lounging space for viewers to sit and take in your backyard.

  • Curb Appeal 

There is a reason we talk about the importance of first impressions. A buyer is judging your home from the moment they pull up and park. Keep this in mind and ensure your yard is tidy and well-manicured. Add some planters to the front steps and wash your windows. Your porch should be in good shape and the house number should be easy to see.

  • Small Repair 

I am not talking about building a new porch or re-roofing your home. Small repairs mean filling in holes or dents in your dry-wall and touching up paint when necessary. If you had a water leak but it no longer poses a problem fix it because there should be not be any evidence suggesting damage.

  • Finishing Touches 

When selling a residence we might believe the shape the house is in and the location are what potential buyers care about most but never underestimate the power of the little finishing touches that tip a buyer from no to yes. Put fresh towels in the bathroom and add some seasonal fruit to a fancy bowl. Viewers like to see a well-kept home and this small effort will show them just that.

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