Skylights Can Cut Your Energy Bill

With energy costs soaring around the world, many of you are seeking ways in which you can trim your monthly bills. There are numerous ways of achieving this, some simple and some which may require an initial investment. In terms of investing in the future of their energy bills, some are turning to options like solar panels which will help them to save money going forward. Another great option that can help in the reduction of your electricity and gas bills, is investing in skylights. In terms of investment in skylight supplies it will depend on how many skylights you are looking for, and the style and shape of your roof. Spending this money now could save you in the future though, and here is how.

Cost of Installing a Skylight

You should always look to use a professional when it comes to installing a skylight. This is because of the delicate nature of cutting through the layers of roofing and ensuring the insulation of the window once installed. Costs will of course vary depending on the reputation and experience of the professional. In terms of the windows, these can also range in price depending on thickness, quality, and size, not to mention the trade supplies store which you use. A single skylight could cost between $1,100 and $2,500 including installation.

Illuminating The Space

One of the greatest benefits that installing a skylight will give you is that it will greatly amplify the amount of natural light in your home. Given this additional natural light within certain rooms of the home, there will be far less of a need to switch the lights on, thus saving you money on electricity. The key to saving money on your energy is making small savings with regularity, and this is a perfect example of that.

Increased Warmth

Harnessing the heat of the sunshine can be a great way for you to increase the level of warmth in the home during cooler months. Skylights are usually better even than windows for this, given the fact that they are placed on top of the home, meaning that they receive a greater amount of sunshine throughout the day. By doing this you can reduce your heating bills throughout the cooler months of the year. Some may worry that this could cause overheating during warmer months, but skylights can be purchased with screens that will ensure they keep the heat out during the hotter months of the year.

Increased Ventilation

Not only can you install screens on your skylights to prevent the house from warming up when it is hot, but they can also provide you with much-needed ventilation during those warmer months. A single flick of a switch can open up the skylights to increase air circulation when the temperature begins to rise. This can certainly help you to save on air conditioning costs, at least in the room in which the skylights have been installed.

In all honesty, energy prices around the country, and the rest of the world show no signs of coming down. This is exactly why the initial outlay for skylights could very well be worth it for cost saving in the long term.

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