Six Reasons Many People Build a Log Home

Owning a log home lets you soak up a rustic ambiance and connect with nature. But, there are other benefits of owning a log home over more traditional construction. Those who have been living in such a home for a long time say that their house provides rewards over their neighbors’ stick and brick homes. Below are some of the reasons why more and more people prefer to build log homes:

They are More Sustainable

Trees are renewable resources so homes made from logs or timber have a solid green pedigree. Solid log homes effectively take the carbon contained in the logs out of environmental circulation. Also, some producers of log homes harvest standing dead timber or buy logs from sustainable forests. A number of builders are building log homes to green building standards. Also, harvesting wood requires less energy than what is required for making other building materials. Learn more at 

They are Easy to Build

The frame of a log home can be constructed in two weeks. This means that your house will not be exposed to the elements and you avoid mold or mildew issues.

They are Safe During a Store

Homes made out of logs are strong enough to withstand storms. Although tornadoes and hurricanes are likely to destroy other kinds of homes, log homes can withstand even the worst damage. In fact, some log homes can even stay still despite damage from falling trees.

They Offer Unique Warmth

Wood is warm to the touch because of its thermal mass. This is anatural property in logs which helps keep inside home temperatures comfortable in all seasons. Because of this, log walls collect and store energy and radiate it back into the house.  Moreover, the thermal mass also causes the wood wall’s sound deadening effects. This means that log homes are usually quieter than stick built homes.

They are Energy Efficient

Properly sealed log homes are very energy-efficient. Some builders build log homes to meet the Energy Star standards, which means the homes are 30% more efficient than what is required by building codes.

They are Built with Superior Craftsmanship

Traditional custom homes can have their own elegant carpentry. However, this usually limited to millwork and trim. However, craftsmanship is seen in every corner of a log home. From the handcrafted staircase to the unique light fixtures, every piece of component in this home is made with strong attention to detail and quality.

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