Seven Awesome Ways Product Packaging can be Reused in Homes

Every year, millions of tonnes of packaging are used to protect many products used by industries and households. Manufacturers work hard to make sure packaging is designed to minimize its effect on the environment. To reduce the amount of packaging materials used, they use recyclable materials. Refine Packaging provides custom packaging and one that households can reuse. Below are some ways packaging can be reused in homes:

Using a Cardboard Box as a Penholder

Homeowners who have plenty of cardboard boxes in various sizes do not need to get rid of them. They can use these boxes for other purposes. For instance, a cardboard box can be used as a penholder, depending on the size they came in.

Using Shoeboxes as Storage

There is a good reason why shoppers should take with them the shoeboxes from the shop. The can use to make some DIY storage boxes. They can just add little leather handles to make the boxes more functional. Homeowners can keep the design as is when they like it but can also choose to paint the box for a better look.

Using a Paper Bag as a Planter

There are many things to do with a paper bag including using it as a planter. Today, many shops have their own designed paper bags and shoppers will not want to throw them out when they get home from their shopping trip. They can use the bags for storing anything they like in, especially as planters.

Using Cans as Kitchen Containers

People can use remove the labels, clean the cans, and use them in the kitchen. Also, they can customize the cans with paint or prefer a more simplistic look.

Using Empty Bottles as Candle Holders

Glass bottles should not be thrown out. Rather, they can be washed again and used as home decor. A lot of gin bottles have an awesome look so they can be perfectly used as candle holders or even as plain decor.

Using Glass Jars as Pots

Jam or candle jars can be reused for storing small succulents or cactuses. They can be perfect gift items for loved ones or friends.

Using Egg Cartons as Storage

Homeowners usually have little things they tend to get lost in their drawers; however, they cannot find the perfect solution for it. Fortunately, they can cut an egg tray to fit their drawer to come up with an excellent jewelry organizer for free.

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