Long Island Fabric Slip Covers – How To Choose A Fabric

We do not always buy new couches for the living room and set of dining chairs for the dining room. That would be too luxurious. What we need are Long Island fabric slip covers that will suit the interior design and may be used on different occasions. Well, if you do not have the skills to sew, then I suggest you to leave this task to the experts to avoid spoiling your material. Finding one would be very easy because pretty sure that there would be shops around. However, this is not the only factor that you need to consider.

Most of the time, you are in-charged with finding your own fabric. This is quite difficult, especially if you do not know where and how to start. Again, you can hire a consultant to work on this, if this is the only option left for you. Though, you may also try to find the materials needed for this project. You just need to go to the nearest shop and choose a textile that looks pretty nice for your home. Anyway, the shop owner may also assist and guide you in finding what you need.

However, it would be great, if you will learn a few things before purchasing a material on your own. I am not saying not to trust the shop owners. When you have some knowledge on choosing the materials for your slipcover, then it would be easier for you to find what you want with or without the help of other people. That’s why, to those who have plans of buying a textile, we have here a few tips for you to consider.


Basically, you will have to be clear about where to use this slip cover. Will it be for a furniture in a low traffic area? Or is it for a spot at home, where it will be used often?

Next, how would you look at this piece? Be very clear, if it would be for a casual or daily use. It would be great to consider when this will be used in a formal setting. Go to https://www.shadesofblueinteriors.com/why-you-need-white-slipcovered-sofa/ and find out why you need slipcovers.

Types of Fabric

It is very important to recognize various types of textile, so that you will know your options. One of the cheapest option is the quilting cotton because it is not that durable. It is very light, that’s why it may wrinkle in a short time. It gives a casual look and you may only use it in a spot with less traffic. While a better option is silk or wool blend, which comes with high quality. This gives you a formal look, but only needs dry cleaning, which may not be able to completely eliminate stains.

We also have linen-cotton, which is, indeed, a common option. It may look hard, but as soon as it is washed, this will become softer and more comfortable. It actually gives you a natural wrinkle, which adds a casual look. Other usual choices are canvas, denim, twill and cotton duck. These materials are durable and affordable as well. Just make sure that the quality is good to avoid pilling and wearing fast, especially when often washed.

For your last option, we have the leather and coated fabric, which comes with a stain-resistant feature. I guess, this is a good choice for your outdoor furniture. This is also tough and specifically made with water-resistant coating. Coated textile comes in various designs or pattern for you to choose from. Find out more about leather and fabric because these are both beneficial in some ways.


Another thing to be considered greatly, is the texture. Now, how would you like to feel this slip cover when seated on the couch, sofa or dining chair? Actually, you will be the one to sit on these fixtures. Therefore, this could be a personal preference.

You should know that every type of textile comes with its own texture. This only means that deciding on the type of material goes with the texture. I supposed, you will not choose one that you find hard or does not suit your taste. Therefore, make sure to grab the one that will be soft, comfortable, affordable and suits the occasion as well.

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