Laval, Canada – Extermination Of Bed Bugs

Having bed bugs can be one of the worst experiences one can go through. They are the kind of parasites that are very difficult to entirely get rid of. As we know, they feed on human and animal blood causing skin rashes.

It spreads very easily travelling with the carrier and then multiplying and growing in the new place. If its existence is detected one should immediately take measures of good and effective quality to eradicate it.

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There are some places where the authorities have rules and guidelines set up in order to address the problem of bed bugs and exterminate them. It lays down the guidelines for house owners, tenants as well as pest management companies when bed bugs are present in a home.

Laval, the Canadian city in the southwestern Quebec (north of Montreal) is one such place. A bylaw numbered L-12519 was passed in the city of Laval which was on the housing code that applies to the entire territory of Ville de Laval. The regulation provided the guidelines to be followed while treating bed bugs in Laval.

The law summarises the measures that must be taken by the tenants, homeowners and pest management companies if bed bugs are present in the home. The following is a gist of the same.

Tenants – The tenants in Laval have the responsibility to inform their landlords of any bed bugs in their homes at the earliest.

Landlords/Owners – The responsibility of owners who have been informed of the presence of bed bugs at their home are;

  • To convey the situation in writing to the Environment Department of the city of Laval.
  • To appoint an authorised and certified person or company for bed bug extermination within seven days following the notice given by the tenants.
  • To inform the occupants of the date of extermination providing them with the requires slip for safety and preparation
  • Get the extermination done between the 7th and the 10th day after signing the permit

Extermination Companies – The responsibility of the extermination companies is;

  • To provide the homeowner with leaflets explaining necessary preparations needed for the same and the safety instructions.
  • To provide the Environmental services with a thorough statement covering the details of the extermination.
  • To examine between the 15th and 30th day after the first extermination and deliver a statement of observations and the details of extermination if required.

With these guidelines in place and good exterminators around, any city is sure to head towards a bed bug free environment.

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