How to Safeguard Furniture and Home Décor Items Made Out of Wood from Termites?

A wide variety of disease-carrying pests can easily invade and infest residential and commercial properties if occupants or owners don’t take any precautionary measures. These terrifying minuscule creatures can cause havoc in your house beyond your imagination.

Hence, it is paramount to conduct inspections frequently in your residential premises to check for an infestation of pests and eliminate it. Termites are one of the household pests that attack and feed on wooden furniture.

If you do not want termites to destroy your expensive furniture and valuable home décor items made out of wood, invest in professional Rove Pest Control services. However, it is equally crucial to do certain things on your own to bring down the risk of a termite infestation.

Read on to learn about a few things you can do to check the growth of pests like termites in your home and eventually protect your wooden furniture and décor items.

Conduct Routine Inspection

Whenever you get spare time, try to inspect every single item (furniture or home decor) made out of wood you have at your home. Doing such a thing is requisite as termites prefer to nibble wood more than anything else. You can safeguard your precious wooden furniture from an infestation of termites if you carry out a routine inspection.

Make a Trap Using Cardboard

You can get rid of household pests such as termites effectively by using cardboard. Female termites like to feed on cardboard as it contains cellulose. Hence, it is easy to entice termites with cardboard and eventually trap and exterminate these troublesome creatures.

To lure and catch termites in large numbers, spray a few drops of water as it helps exude a woody smell. Within a few minutes or hours, mainly owing to the attractive smell, you will witness that the entire colony of termites start assembling over the board. Discard the cardboard right away or burn it to get rid of termites that damage wooden furniture.


Rub Aloe Vera Gel

You might be aware of a few purposes for which people use Aloe Vera, but did you know you can use this useful short-stemmed plant to protect wooden furniture and other items from termites? Collect the gel after crushing an Aloe Vera and rub it all over your valuable furniture made out of top-grade wood. Termites struggle to nibble furniture because of the fortified barrier that Aloe Vera gel creates.

Create and Apply White Vinegar and Olive Oil Mixture

One of the effective solutions to a termite infestation in your wooden furniture is creating and applying white vinegar and olive oil mix. You won’t have to step out of your home to make the mixture if these two key ingredients are there in your kitchen. Termites won’t be able to attack and damage exquisite and expensive furniture and house decoration items made out of high-quality wood if you spray the concoction. It creates a hindrance and repels termites effectively.

You will certainly be able to curb termite growth in your house and protect your high-priced wooden furniture and décor items if you responsibly do the aforementioned things. Also, contact a well-established pest control company if you need any help to eliminate pests from your residence.

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