How to Choose Quartz Countertops

Quartz surfaces and countertops are gaining popularity among homeowners and designers. Quartz is an easy-to-maintain material that can be bought in a range of colors, textures, and patterns. Although the main uses of quartz are kitchen and bath counters, it can be used for shower stalls, backsplashes, fireplace surrounds, and tub decking. Because quartz is nonporous and antimicrobial, it is resistant to stains, bacterial growth, and odors. It can be installed as a slab or cut into tiles. When looking for the right quartz surfaces and countertops for your home remodeling projects, check out Quartz Tops Center for a range of choices available.

The tips below can guide you when making a choice:

Pick the Right Color, Pattern, and Texture

Quartz surface manufacturers have changed how their products look. Some manufacturers introduced patters that look like marble and granite. Others bring revolutionary new patterns in their line that resembles black granite and cement. Also, some quartz surfaces these days are now available in different textures such as polished, rugged, and matte. Manufacturers have a range of colors for their quartz products that include neutral colors.

Pick the Right Thickness

When choosing quartz, you must think about the thickness you will need for the application. A slab or quartz has 1 ¼ inch standard thickness. In general, this thickness is recommended for bathroom vanities and kitchen counters. But you can also find quartz in ½ inch, ¾ inch, and 1 ½ inch thickness.

Select Edging

Edging helps in determining a counter’s style and impacts pricing. Straight or squared and waterfall edges are standard. Such edges can be applied to quartz with a thickness of 1 ¼ inch. Edging options that are more intricate include ogee, bullnose, beveled, pencil, and laminated profiles that add a layer of quartz to give the surface a dramatic look.

Choose Appliances and Plumbing Fixtures

This is something you should do before you chose a quartz surface. If you are planning to surface your bathroom or kitchen, pick your sink and faucets before fabrication of the counters. The fabricator must know the dimensions and the number of holes that installation requires. Also, if you are planning to install a cooktop, you will need a cutout.

New countertops are a significant investment, so you want to pick a material that is engineered to last forever. Quartz is an excellent choice for countertops and sweeping waterfall islands. The color, design, style, and ease of cleaning would highlight any flaws in manufacturing. Thus, you must understand the quality standards of the manufacturer before you choose quartz countertops.

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