Here is How to Organize Your Fridge in the Most Optimal Way Possible

Your fridge isn’t just a closet to store your food in. It is an electronic device that keeps all your favorite food in optimal state. Not only a Frigidaire have various compartments that have various uses, but it also entails various temperature zones. In other words, if you are storing things in the wrong compartment, then you aren’t making the most of the fridge you have invested in. And this leads to food wastage, loss of money and desire to cook meals at home. This article is about how to arrange your fridge to make the most of it.

  1. Follow this ultimate plan for storage

The upper shelves of the fridge should contain leftovers, drinks, ready to eat food, and herbs. The lower shelf must contain meat, and dairy. The freezer must contain ice, frozen fruits and veggies, stock, meat, tortilla, bread, pasta sauce. Keep the crispier fruits and veggies separate. On the doors, you can store condiments, juice, and water. Never refrigerate potatoes, onions, tomatoes and squash.

  1. Freezer

Freezers are meant for storing frozen stuff. Ice can be stored in freezer among other items like frozen fruits and veggies, meat, stock etc. You can also store food for later use like pasta sauce, tortillas, or even eggs. Bread can be stored for up to 3 months. Always pack the foods tightly and keep them organized as this optimizes storage and saves energy. Instead of using glass jars use stackable plastic containers or plastic freezer bags.

  1. Doors

Doors are the warmest component of a fridge and is meant to store items which are not prone to spoil. Preserve juices, condiments and other foods that can tolerate the temperature fluctuations. As fridge doors are quite prone to be opened more and must not store dairy and eggs there.

  1. Upper shelves

These parts of the fridge have the most consistent temperature and the lower shelves are the coldest ones. Restaurant kitchens tend to store foods that don’t need to be cooked near top of the fridge. This entails leftovers, ready to eat foods like hummus, tortillas, and deli meals. Herbs can be stored in a vase or jar with water and covered loosely with a plastic bag. You can also keep berries here.

  1. Lower shelves

The lower shelves are meant to store eggs, raw meat and other dairy as it is the coldest part of the fridge. To avoid the bacteria of raw meat to spread to the other areas, assign a specific part of the fridge as a meat locker. Always preserve the meat in its original packaging and put in on a plate that is cleaned on a daily basis.

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