Do You Have a Pool That Needs Fencing?

If you have a swimming pool, there are rules and regulations that need to be met. Having a fenced pool is essential for safety reasons, especially if there are young children in the home. There have been too many stories of children slipping into pools unattended and getting into trouble to ignore these rules and regulations. But what if you don’t want to put up an ugly cyclone fence? What if you want something attractive and very practical?

A Glass Pool Fence Might Just Be the Answer

If you have a pool of any size and you need to fence it off but you want something more attractive than a standard cyclone fence, the good news is that Dimension One Glass Pool Fencing services in Sydney can help. So why should you even consider glass fencing? Consider the following:

  • Visual Appeal: The first thing you’ll notice about glass fencing is just how visually appealing it actually is. You might be expecting that glass fencing looks heavy and has lots of metallic anchors in place but the reality is the modern glass fencing is just about all glass. It looks light and airy and suits just about any garden setting. In fact, once you have glass fencing installed, you’ll find that your visitors will be very impressed indeed.
  • Security: The reason why you need fencing in the first place is for security and safety reasons. If you want to avoid some of the horror stories that have hit the media in recent years, glass fencing provides safety and security and doesn’t look heavy or ugly.
  • Field of Vision: It might sound completely obvious but one of the biggest benefits of having a glass pool fence installed is because it is transparent. Why is this actually a benefit? Not only does it look very appealing but it also means that you have maximum field of vision. Just imagine that you have teenagers and kids over for a pool party and you really need to see what’s happening. If you’re in the kitchen preparing some food for the party, you can still see everything that’s happening in and around the pool through the glass. It provides maximum light and maximum vision. Even if you have adult supervision around the pool, they might not be able to keep an eye on everything. The glass provides a means to anyone outside of the area to keep an eye on what’s happening easily.

The Fence You Didn’t Think You Needed

If you have a pool in your garden, you need to have a fence installed. It needs to be secure and it needs to keep young children out. This has traditionally meant a cyclone fence or something equally heavy and visually displeasing but this need not be so.

Modern glass fencing is visually appealing, provides maximum natural light, and also allows full vision of what’s happening in and around the pool. More importantly, it provides the full safety and security that you need for your pool.

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