7 Tabletop Decorations You Will Love

Whether it is your office, dining, or bedside table, among others, you will love the décor ideas we’ll share in this article. They are a great way to add life to a boring space!

  1. Calendar

Especially if it is your table at the office, a calendar is always good to have. You don’t have to open your phone every time you need to check the date. Calendars do not have to be boring. Check out Shutterfly if you need a professional calendar maker. They can customize the calendar with pictures, texts, and other design elements you would want to incorporate.

  1. Photo Plaques

Picture frames are a thing of the past. Give your table a modern touch with a photo plaque. It is printed on wood with a high-gloss and UV-resistant finish. The image is infused on a scratch-resistant surface, assuring that it will last through the years. No idea where to get photo plaques? Visit Shutterfly.com and you’ll be happy with their collection, which users can personalize depending on personal preferences.

  • Tabletop Plant

Plants are almost anywhere indoors. Gone were the days when they are only outside. Whether it is in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or other living spaces, plants are present. Some plants are small enough and will make excellent decorative pieces on the top of the table. The best plants that double as tabletop decorations include orchids and succulents.

  • Candle

This is one of the classic decors that should be on your list, especially if we are talking about dining tables. It gives the dining room a more intimate mood, which is perfect for romantic dinners. Candle centerpieces will also make a great addition to the center or side table in the living room or your home office. To make it more special, choose candles with your favorite scents.

  • Flowers

Like candles, flowers never go out of style when it comes to sophisticated and pretty tabletop décor. Fresh is always best. Choose bright colors to instantly create an uplifting mood. Find ways to preserve the freshness of the flowers to make it last longer. Otherwise, it will be an eyesore on the table.

  • Decorative Trays

With a little creativity, you can use serving trays as a table décor in more ways than one. A coffee table tray in the living room can hold coasters and candles. In the dining room, you can use the tray to organize and display utensils. It can also hold candles and flowers.

  • Placemats

When talking about décor for the dining table, a placemat is one of the most popular. Choose placemats that match your table linens. If the linen is already patterned, the placemat needs to have a solid color. Pick tonal neutrals if you want to achieve a formal look. Patterned placemats with vibrant colors, on the other hand, are great for a cheerful summer vibe.

Consider our suggestions above to bring your table design to another level. They might be simple and small, but they can do a lot to give life to an otherwise boring table.

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