5 tips to keep in mind while choosing a sod supplier

You may have a beautiful lawn before your home and you wish to keep the grass lushy throughout the months. However, if the quality of the existing turf is low, you may see some patches here and there. To renovate this lawn and to provide a fresh look to it, you should consider hiring a sod supplier. It is not tedious to find a sod supplier in this highly competitive era. Sustainable Sod Supplier Twinwood Farms is a responsible and high quality sod wholesaler in Houston. If you end up with an unreliable supplier, you may have to replace the new turf again within few days of this replacement. So, you should make your first choice better. In this article, let us discuss five tips to keep in mind while choosing the sod supplier in brief.

5 tips to keep in mind while choosing a sod supplier

Go with referrals

As you may not know the quality of sod brought from the range of providers out there, it is better to ask someone who has an experience doing so. You may have so many friends whose lawns contain turfs of different qualities. If you can manage to get the reviews from few of them, you can make your purchase simple. You will only get confused if all the reviews are bad. Also, you can use the online reviews and referrals to choose the best turf supplier in your locality.

Check the website

If you find a company offering sod either through referrals or through direct search, you should go through the website of the company. You will get an overall idea of the services offered by the company along with other details. If you have any queries, you can ask the management itself using the customer support system.

Check your yard

You should invite a person from the contractor company to evaluate your yard and give suggestions for the soil type.

Choose the grass

Although you have chosen turf over original grass, you will still get to choose from a range of grass types. Depending on the soil type, you should choose it.

Check the pricing

Different sod suppliers will charge you differently and you should ask the pricing of the selected sod. Afterward, you should compare the pricing of this company with that of others. So, you can conclude whether the pricing is optimal or not.

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