5 Inspiring bedroom collection of Novamobili furniture

When it comes to the bedroom, one cannot underestimate the value of having a well-designed bedroom. It is the place one seeks to relax after a long day and where you get to recuperate to be able to function properly the next day. We spend a lot of time in the bedroom; this makes it important to have a bedroom where you can relax, be comfortable and achieve quality sleep.

Here are some factors that influence bedroom décor and how Novamobili furniture helps you achieve your bedroom design goals;

  • Colours – choosing the right colours for your bedroom is the first step. Bright colours are ideal for most rooms except the bedroom where your goal is to create a relaxing ambience where you can unwind and rest. Choose earth, neutral colours or pastel colours for your bedroom furniture, walls and décor. The colour of your room and décor affects your mood and creating a relaxing atmosphere is the first step in creating a wonderful space. Novamobili bedroom collection comes in all the ideal colours to create a relaxing effect and comes in neutral and earth tones for the ideal bedroom space.
  • Consider how many people will be moving in and out of your bedroom – the reason to factor in how many people are in your household that will have access to your bedroom is to figure out the arrangement of furniture in the room. If many people will come in and out of your bedroom then consider making movement in the bedroom easy. Place furniture in such a way that people won’t have to bump into it and keep it out of the way. You can get a variety of well designed, beautiful Novamobili bed side cabinets and chest of drawers that will add elegance to your bedroom while being functional.
  • Storage space – Having sufficient storage space is vital to ensure your bedroom remains neat, clutter free and a haven for rest and relaxation. Keep in mind the size of the room when choosing your wardrobe. You can choose doors that open outwards if you have sufficient room space and for rooms with limited space, you can opt for sliding wardrobe doors. With Novamobili’s range of wardrobes, you can choose wardrobes to suit your style, add style to your bedroom, with the assurance that the pieces will last for years.
  • Your personal style – choose décor and furniture that reflects your personal style. You can always consult an interior designer to help you decide and you can work closely with them to make any adjustments to choose décor that reflects who you are to create a space you will love. With Novamobili’s bedroom collection, you are sure to find the variety and options suitable for you.

The added benefit you get with Novamobili designs is that they have been in business for many years and their designs have stood the test of time. They are keen on function and ergonomics and you’re assured of finding pieces of furniture for your bedroom that are cross functional and have a wide number of applications. Their bedroom collection, as with all their furniture, consists of tailor-made pieces that are made of the best material, is stylish, functional and beautiful.

You can select from a range of materials, different wood and eco wood while using a wide range of fabrics to suit every preference.

You can choose from a brilliant yellow, red or blue bedframe and choose additional furniture to match. There storage options and you can get wardrobes that can be adapted to suit the dimensions of your room.

So, whatever you’re looking for; from tall boys, to beds, wardrobes, bedside cabinets or chest of drawers, Novamobili bedroom collection will have you spoilt for choice.


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