4 Common Roofing Issues and How to Deal With Them

As you would expect, the roof of your house is constantly exposed to the harsh UK climate, and minor repairs are part and parcel of home ownership. Regular roof inspections will ensure that you avoid costly roof repairs, and with that in mind, here are a few issues that you are likely to encounter with your roof.

  1. Missing Roof TilesWith affordable roof repair in Gloucester, any missing tiles can quickly be replaced, and as the tiles provide the outer skin, it is imperative they are replaced if lifted by gale force winds.
  2. Blocked Guttering – If the excess rainwater cannot drain away using the guttering, it will simply run down the exterior walls, which you do not want. If you have any branches overhanging the roof, your guttering can easily become blocked with wet leaves and small twigs. A roof inspection would include cleaning out the guttering, as well as giving the entire roof a thorough inspection.

  1. Chimney Damage – The chimney is typically raised above the roof line, and this means it is liable to be damaged by flying debris in a storm, and constant wind and driving rain can cause the cement joints to degrade, so repointing of often required.

  1. Fascia & Soffit Damage – The fascia and soffit boards are usually made from wood, and it is likely a repaint is called for every couple of years. If the boards are not in good condition, rather than repainting, you should consider replacing them with PVC sections.

If your roof has not been inspected for a while, call your local roofer, who would be happy to carry out a thorough inspection of your roof.

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