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What You Should Know When Looking for Wood Pallets for Do-It-Yourself Projects

More and more individuals are taking an interest in building pallet furniture. This is thanks in part to popular websites that have shown how interesting, useful, and beautiful furniture made from wood pallets can be. Building pallet furniture is not only a great way for you to learn a new skill and feel satisfied with the work you have personally done, but it is a great way to recycle. Before any pallet furniture building project can begin it, suitable pallets must be found.

Depending on where you live, you may be able to find free wood pallets almost anywhere. Some grocery stores, department stores, hardware stores, and other businesses may have pallets just lying around. You may be able to take them for free. The key is looking around and being open to options. If you spread the word among friends and family members that you would like to acquire a few pallets, they may have seen some that you can easily get your hands on. Another option is to buy pallets. Most hardware stores have them for sale.

When you are looking for pallets to use for your furniture projects, you want to find ones that are in good shape. For the vast majority of furniture projects that you do, you will need the individual slats from the pallet. So if you find an entire pallet that has a couple of broken or missing slats, it’s no problem. You can still take it apart and then use the ones that are in good condition. You also want to look to make sure that the pallets are not moldy, stained, or otherwise damaged. It can be difficult to clean pallets that have not been well taken care of. Some of what has been spilled on pallets may even be dangerous to you, your family members, and pets.

The vast majority of pallets that are used in the United States have been stamped. The stamps will provide basic information on the chemicals that are used to treat the pallets. You want to be aware that some pallets are not suitable for furniture or other do-it-yourself projects in your home because of the strong chemicals that are used.

Most pallets meet ISPM15 standards. This was a standard that was developed by the International Plant Protection Convention. It means that the wood has been treated in order to prevent the spread of diseases and insects when the pallets are used to ship items between different countries. The process that these pallets go through includes removing the bark, treating them with heat, and then fumigated them with methyl bromide. After this treatment process, they are stamped. It is important for you to learn what the stamps mean in order to protect yourself and your family.

Making furniture and other home projects from wood pallets can be lots of fun. Finding quality pallets is the first step in this exciting project.

The Many Faces of Wood Decorations

Wood is one of the most versatile decorating materials out there. It can be used as-is, painted, primered, shaped, sawed and salvaged while maintaining its usefulness. The possibilities are what makes wood a good base for decorating. Let’s look at just four of the design aesthetics that wood caters to.

Wood comes from nature. More importantly for decorative purpose, it even looks like it comes from nature. For many, that gives wood panels, baskets and planters a traditional and warm look. That feeling of home also makes plain and untreated wood an acceptable decoration. Wood can get away with being deliberately rustic. It can be faded and chipped but still beautiful. Click here to see some examples of basic wood products for a variety of uses.

Glossy wood finishes transform wood from classic and rusty to modern and sleek. Like classic, it offers the comforting feel of nature. However, the modern look satisfies the suburbanite in you. Besides a sleek finishing, try funky tilts for wooden frames, criss-crossing patterns and uneven stacking of drawers. There are plenty of fresh looks out there created by people who weren’t afraid to be creative with their wood.

Sometimes classic and modern aren’t really your thing. Maybe you prefer the fun and colorful look provided by artsy wooden signs and a paint-splattered caddy. That works fine with wood bases, and having fun with it might just bring to mind your old Nutcracker men or miniature trains. Wood and childhood have a beloved history.

A stylized wooden case can hold wine bottles. A wooden centerpiece can be a fantastic work of art. Creatively placed boxes and slide-outs make for good sitting space and storage space. Wood can be a lot of fun, but it’s capable of adding a formal touch to your house, porch or garden. Wood furnishings are useful and attractive.

Wood is at home in almost any home. So keep that in mind when you’re decorating and can only imagine an old log cabin. The cabin is possible, but so are the colorful planters and the boxes passing as stylish side tables. Don’t underestimate wood.

Looking for Shelving for Your Library?

Maintaining a library is a difficult task. In addition to dealing with patrons every day, you must also order the right type of supplies and the right books and other materials, keep the space organized and handle dozens of other tasks. With library shelving, you might find that your job is easier.

Veneer vs. Solid Wood

One thing you need to look at is whether you want solid wood shelving or veneer shelving. Solid wood shelving is, as the name implies, shelving made from solid pieces of wood. Veneer shelving uses plywood or another type of inexpensive wood with thin sheets of hardwood added to the front to mimic the look of solid wood. Using veneer shelves is a great way to save money. You get the look that you want at a lower price. Solid wood shelving is typically a little stronger and more durable, which may be of a concern in your library.

Types of Shelving

You also need to think about the type of shelving that will work best in your space. Single faced shelves have a solid back with shelves on just one side. Double faced shelves have shelving on both sides. You can also choose between shelves that have flat or angled edges and sides and those with tapered edges. Once you decide on the type and style of shelving that you want, you can look at the different finishes and colors, including pine, mahogany and other natural wood colors.

Decking Around

One of the additions that will be an improvement to the beauty of your home and the value is a wooden deck. There are various kinds of wood to sue when building the deck. You can create any kind of design that you want, and the wood can be stained or painted. One of the benefits of a deck is that it will increase the value. This will be something that buyers will look at if you choose to sell the home in the future.Hammer and nails by Hans Godo Frabel

Another advantage to having a deck is that you can use the space to entertain friends and family. It provides extra room that you might not have inside the home. A grill can be placed on the deck so that you can have a cookout. You can build a deck around a pool so that there is a place to sit while others, especially children, are in the water. A deck adds square footage to the home, and if you enclose the deck, you will have a room where you can sit when you want a view of the outdoors without all of the bugs and direct sunlight. Click here for pictures of completed decks and types of wood that can be used.