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Going Green in Texas – What are Your Alternative Energy Options?

If you want to lower your carbon footprint as much as possible or need to reduce household expenses due to a tight budget, you’re lucky to live in Texas. Due to the amount of sunshine this state receives throughout the year, it’s the perfect place to collect sunlight and convert it into usable energy for your home or business.
Solar energy providers are lining up in the state, creating a competitive environment that benefits the consumer. You may already have your eye on their advertisements, but pause for a moment to consider two more green services now offered by select Texas energy providers.
Wind Power
If there’s one thing the earth is never likely to run out of, it’s wind. It cools your brow on a hot day and gives you a reason to sit outside with a glass of tea in the evening, and now it could reduce your electricity bill. While building your own windmill is probably far beyond your budget, you may have noticed that some wind turbine farms are stationed in Texas.
If you sign up for a wind power contract, you could help keep those turbines spinning, pumping electricity into the state’s power grid for a rewarding adjustment on your energy bill. This is a way to save money and embrace a powerful renewable resource without lining your roof with solar panels.
Energy from Natural Gas
The problem with burning coal for energy is that it releases hazardous emissions into the air, creating smog and destroying the environment. The danger is in the way those emissions interact with sunlight, but the emissions created from natural gas don’t suffer from that destructive interaction. That explains the push to create more natural gas in the United States in recent years, and Texas is one of the largest producers.
Natural gas is an alternative that may help you preserve the environment for your children and grandchildren to enjoy. Rather than offsetting your electricity bill, it can completely replace it, eliminating your dependency on coal-powered electric.
Is Solar Still Your Best Option?
Solar energy may still fit your needs if you don’t mind having solar panels installed on your roof. Orange County roofing says “The majority of homeowners are pleased to discover that they can take advantage of solar systems and shave some money off of their energy bills year round.” The panels are now thinner and less noticeable than they were a decade ago, and they are often the most cost-effective energy alternative when you consider long-term financial and environmental savings. Now that you know your options, compare rates in your local area to determine the best energy option for your home and business.

Everything Home – Blog Carnival

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Welcome to the November 10, 2010 edition of a carnival of everything home. Thank you to everyone for your submission. This turned out to be a great combination of articles with an abundance of information for everyone.

The next Everything Home Blog Carnival will be posted on November 24th with a submission deadline of November 22nd. Enjoy!!


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That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of a carnival of everything home using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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Get Your Home Energy From Your Own Power Windmill

As energy resources in the earth become more and more depleted, the race is on to find sources of renewable energy, both for domestic and industrial use. Not surprisingly, many families are choosing to go green and produce their own energy.

The wind turbine is getting to be a common site across the land – you may be familiar with the huge ones in use by electricity supply companies. But you can build one from scratch that will suit an average family home, without breaking the bank.

You can be sure of wind activity, wherever in the world you are located. Times when it is “dead calm” are very rare. Your home wind turbine can run 24 hours a day, providing the power you need and the excess can be stored. One of the best features of wind energy is its availablity – it is there, ready to be harnessed at any time.

It’s not surprising that so many are turning to wind power for their home energy requirements. It can be very satisfying to be able to make your own power. And if you produce more than you need, you can sell it back to the electricity company and watch the energy meter go backwards!

There are many advantages in favour of building such a system – one of the advantages is that it is so clean – there is no smoke, and no waste by-product. And of course the wind is available, free to anyone.

One of the strongest arguments in favour of a home wind power system, is the great savings that can be achieved. It is estimated that it can cut your electricity bill by 80% – or even 100%. That makes it a no-brainer for many people, especially in difficult economic times.

Once the system is up and running, it will require a minimum of maintenance. And the running costs will be low also.

And when you use home wind power, your are of course helping in the fight against global warming, and also reducing your “carbon footprint”.

Wind power has been in use for many years in electricity generation, and is tried and tested. The technology is well developed and it is now available to supply power to an average home. I’m sure we will see more and more families turning to wind power, as the public realises its many advantages.

Be sure to check out our review of 3 of the best home power products over at Top 3 Home Energy. The best one I have come across is Best Home Power System
Pick up a free energy-saving guide at Green Home Power

Green Wind Resources

DABANCHENG, CHINA - MARCH 3:   A truck drives ...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

You may be thinking why you should build a wind turbine when you can just purchase one, but commercial wind generators can cost in the thousands to buy. The materials needed to build a wind generator, the DC motor, batteries, towers and hub, are fairly cheap. It is possible to build a wind generator for under $500 and that means realizing the return on your investment years before you would have buying a professionally installed commercial model. Even if you pay for better quality materials when you build a wind generator, you will still find your total cost way below that of the professional installation.

It is not difficult to build a wind generator. The average do-it-yourselfer can complete this project with simple tools. There are detailed instructions and plans available to build a wind generator in your workshop or home. So build your wind generator today and put it on your roof or support pole and start generating your free green wind power, thanks to a little breeze.

Green wind energy is one of the most efficient renewable power resources available. Many cities worldwide have started to convert to wind power to supplement their energy supply. It is possible to have a green energy supply by taking the time to build a wind generator. Not only are you helping the environment, but also you can save dollars at the same time.

How would you react if your neighbor told you she was going to build wind turbines? Pretty impressed? The truth is that it is not difficult to build wind generators and many homeowners are taking the challenge to build their own wind turbines as a cost-effective means to utilizing renewable energies. It isn’t exactly snap-your-fingers easy to build wind turbines either, but with the proper plans and a motivated builder you can be building wind turbines in no time.

It is definitely your best bet, before setting out to build wind turbines, to purchase an instruction manual or guide to follow. Remember that you get what you pay for when it comes to instructions. Make sure you find an instruction guide that is easy to read with detailed instructions. There are also many online resources and forums to help guide you through your wind turbine building process.

To familiarize yourself with the basics, before you get started on your project to build wind generators, there are four basic components to wind turbines. To build wind turbines you must be familiar with the towers, the batteries, the turbines and the tail and propeller assembly. The tools generally required to build wind turbines are simple as well, you will need wrenches, a saw and a drill. There may also be a need for other tools depending on how much of the wind turbine you will be building yourself.

One part that you will probably be ordering when you decide to build wind turbines is the motor. The motors on wind turbines do require regular maintenance and oiling for continued efficiency, but this is a small price to pay for the excellent energy these systems provide. In addition to the motor, you are definitely going to need a decent workspace. Depending on your target energy output, your propellers or blades could get up to 8 feet in diameter (4 ft blades).

It takes a bit of to build wind turbines, but there is really nothing overly complicated about the process and generally the process can be fairly cheap once you are operational and your electric bills are dropping each month. Building wind turbines is also a fast growing occupation worldwide as technicians are tough to find. So learn how to build wind turbines for yourself and take advantage of the opportunities free green wind power and know how can provide.

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