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Environmentally Safe Way to control Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are not only such irritating biting insects that people will stay indoors when they are present, but the bites can also get infected due to the incessant itching. Homeowners everywhere would love to enjoy their outdoor living space much more, but mosquitoes and other biting insects show up seeking a blood feast from any warm bodies. The adult mosquitoes can be repelled with insect spray applied on the humans or specific areas of the yard, but most people would rather not use chemical sprays. Some of the ingredients in effective repellents can cause skin irritation and allergies.

The life cycle of a mosquito begins when an adult female lays her eggs in standing water where they hatch into larvae. The larvae then pupate before completing the development process to become adult insects. Any mosquito eggs laid in standing water that dries up within a few days or less cannot complete the development cycle, so these areas are not a concern. Anyplace where rainwater can accumulate could become a problem if not dumped promptly, but the fish in ornamental backyard ponds eat the larvae so these ponds are not a problem. Adult mosquitoes find tall grass a refuge during the midday hours, but natural predators such as dragonflies and birds hunt for them there.

Years of study have shown that mosquitoes do not typically fly more than 100 feet from where they were hatched, so eliminating their ability to lay their eggs within that distance from the home is how to best control them. The homeowner is able to provide an additional level of protection by adding a water treatment for mosquitoes to their arsenal. A mosquito deleter system uses water traps to entice female mosquitoes to lay their eggs in the water treated with bait tablets. The eggs hatch into larvae and adult mosquitoes develop after about a week but die since they cannot get out of the trap.

Homes that are located in more urban areas with limited space and fewer trees and shrubs typically do not have much of a mosquito problem. Many people prefer to live in a neighborhood with trees and lush greenery, and these are the homes that find the greatest benefit from a few mosquito deleter traps. Four traps placed at strategic locations are usually enough to control mosquitoes in the average outdoor living space of a home.