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Window Treatments and Their Benefits

Window treatments are the single most effective options for giving your home a distinct style that is different from anywhere else. The number of options for window treatments is nearly endless; a combination of styles can make all the difference between bland and fab, but you have to know how to approach them correctly. Window treatments can be placed into two main categories: blinds and curtains.

There are many different kinds of blinds, ranging from the standard Venetian to roll-up bamboo Roman blinds. The kind you choose depends on the style of your home and the look you’re trying to achieve. If you want a more functional setting, go with standard blinds. However, to give a sense of style to an area, a set of bamboo blinds can be a great choice. Not only does the presence of bamboo provide a soothing effect (a sort of ‘in nature’ feel), but their unique look draws the eye and makes it a great conversation starter. Roman blinds roll up and down, making them great for allowing in a lot of light when you want it, and blocking it out when you don’t.

When it comes to curtains, you’ve got a number of options: drapes, grommets, valances, and more. Drapes are the standard form of curtains, and their floor to ceiling look is familiar to most people. A valance doesn’t block light or provide privacy, but it does give an accent to the top of the window that’s hard to beat. Sheer curtains provide little privacy, but allow enough light in the room while still keeping out the heat that they’re worth it. Blackout curtains are heavy, solid drapes that prevent any light from penetrating the room, making them a great choice for the bedroom, particularly on an eastern-facing room. Blinds and curtains don’t have to be merely for show. They can have functional purposes such as energy savings and other benefits if they’re set up correctly. There are plenty of blind companies Calgary, as well as places that offer other forms of window coverings Calgary to help you make the right decision on what to choose. Remember, your home is your castle – choosing how you decorate it is all about your personal style and preferences. Don’t be afraid to explore and try something new; if you don’t like it, you can always go back to the tried and true methods later on.

Beautiful Mirrors

It’s interesting to wonder what people did before mirrors were invented. It’s bad enough that they didn’t have mirrors to help pull themselves together in the mornings, but they couldn’t even take a look to know what they looked like. Fortunately, we now have mirrors for just about every task. Created by manufacturers like American Fixture, there are mirrors that not only help a person with her make-up but mirrors that can even show her what her shoes look like from all angles.
Mirrors can be small enough to fit on a vanity top, like an adjustable oval mirror with a lacy, raw steel support. Another mirror is built very much like it, but it’s big enough to sit on the floor and is nearly five feet tall. A simpler oval mirror has an S-shaped support on a metal stand. A square shoe mirror is crowned with a touch of raw steel filigree and has two sides for the owner’s convenience.

Some mirrors aren’t made out of glass but acrylic. One, which comes in two sizes, is small enough to fit on a counter and is a simple rectangle. Another is a bit more fancy. This one is oval shaped, double sided and tilts in a modernistic frame.

Finally, a lovely three way mirror is just the thing for a dressing room or walk-in closet. This has a chrome stand and is six feet tall. This mirror makes sure that the owner looks as good as she can be before she goes out to work or play.

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5 Ways to Jazz Up Your Home Lighting

Throw out those low-watt bulbs! It’s time to dazzle your family with a home remodel that takes advantage of all the great lighting options of the 21st century. Here are just five ways to add a little style to your foyers and dining rooms.

1: Sconces

Wall scones used to hold candles in medieval dungeons. Today, they frame fireplaces and mantelpieces in sets of two, their gentle light serving as an anchor in your interior design.

2: Chandeliers

Nothing says sophistication like a chandelier. Buy one in crystal to throw light and rainbows around the room; invest in something brass for an ornate, exotic look.

3: Pendant Lights

Pendant lights can be hung from kitchens, bathrooms and even garages to illuminate dark corners without overpowering the room via fluorescent bulbs. Their chrome coverings help direct their light while also adding a touch of sleek modernity to your home.

4: Floor Lamps

Unlike table lamps, floor lamps don’t depend on flat surfaces or the placement of other furniture to make a statement. They support themselves, so they can be moved anywhere as your needs demand. They also come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles!

5: Accent Lighting

These subtle lights can be woven around door frames and bookcases to add ambiance to a room’s atmosphere. You might even enjoy them as mood lights in the bedroom!

These are just five ways to revive and restore the energy of your home lights. The world has come a long way since torches on sticks, so don’t be afraid to jump right into the fun of contemporary lighting.

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Finding the best type of lamp for your home

When you are choosing a lamp for your home, there are several different types that you can choose from. By choosing the right type of lamp when you are shopping atLampCommerce, you’ll be sure to get everything you are looking for from your lighting fixture.  When people think of the lighting they will choose from their home, they after think of the style, design in features, but they often do not realize how many different types are available.

Recessed lights are one type of lighting fixture that offers you the opportunity to create a unique look within your home. When you use recessed lights, you’re able to install these lights into the walls, ceilings, floors, or many other areas of your home. Unlike other types of lighting fixtures, these lights do not simply sit on the area where they are placed. They actually go back into the area and only a section of the lighting fixture is exposed. Due to the way this type of lighting fixture is installed, it is great for all areas of the home, including outside areas such as the patio or sidewalk.

Cabled lighting fixtures are great for areas around the home that are difficult to install lighting. These lighting fixtures are attached to cables, which are strung across the room, and they are an excellent choice for high ceilings or difficult to reach areas.

Pending lighting fixtures are one of the most elegant types of there. Similar to their name, this type of lighting fixture is decorated in many different jewels and beads, which offers a very classic look and can be used to make any room within a home fancy. This type of lighting is known for its illuminating effects, and it may use traditional bulbs for lighting the area, or it may utilize LED bulbs for a unique lighting experience.

Wall lamps and ceiling lamps are often somewhat similar in design, but their type is different. A wall lamp is attached to different areas of a wall throughout a home, and a ceiling lamp can be attached to any area of the ceiling. These lamps come in many different sizes to meet your lighting needs.

Floor and table lamps are also similar in design, as they are designed to stand and are not attached to any one area. These lamps can be moved easily from one location to another, but for those who choose a tall lamp of this type, keeping it in one location is often the most ideal choice.

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