How To Landscape in the Winter

winter landscapingHow To Landscape in the Winter

5 Winter Landscaping Tips for Homeowners | My Home Mag

The winter can be a rough time for your lawn or garden. Indeed, the snow, the sleet and the driving rain can wreak havoc on something that you spent so much time on in the spring or summer. However, the winter is the most 

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3 Common Blunders Made By DIY Landscapers

3 Common Blunders Made By DIY Landscapers | Evolve

Many DIY landscapers end up ruining their yards and decreasing the value of their properties! *Free Estimate on Any Landscaping, Lawn Care, Irrigation or Tree Service Project · Buy Plants · Gallery · Blog · Contact. Nov 13 

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Steps on Installing Downlights

When lighting homes in an unobtrusively way and blends with whatever decors you have chosen, you cannot get any better than downlights or recessed lights. This is the main reason why nowadays, these lamps become the central trend in interior designs.

Downlights are an excellent substitute to the traditional hanging lights. They do not need to be hung in the room’s centre for both home balance and light distribution unlike hanging lights. Rather, they can be perfectly positioned according to your convenience. Furthermore, they cannot affect your home’s aesthetic even positioned anywhere because they are recessed.

Downlight Categories


This ornamental down lighter has a fixed centre. The lamp is commonly immovable within the holder either by using a twist lock mechanism or by using a spring clip. The twist lock is commonly used in higher quality cast aluminum fixtures where its front has a detachable area that twists and locks into place while griping the bulb in position.

– Gimbal

It is made the same way as the other types of recessed bulbs and usually has similar type of bulb retainer when installed in the ceiling. However, the fixture’s centre can be tilted to adjust the spotlight beam. Actually, it can be tilted towards any part of the house.

– Eyeball

Eyeball is similar to gimbal but it can be adjusted to greater range. The lamp’s eyeball allows it to adjust at any angle you want.

Wall Washer

Wall washer is also mounted to the ceiling but has different function. They can make a 90-degree rotation and is used to light the walls as opposite to straight down.

Simple Recessed Lamps Installation Process

If you are interested in installing your own recessed lamps, these instructions may really help you out:

1. Pick the best type of lamp you want to install. Eyeball is the most often used because of its ability to be focused anywhere.

Using a pencil, mark the ceiling where you decided to place the lamp. The ideal spacing for these bulbs is from 6 to 8 feet except if installed in a single room.

To ensure safety, make sure that the power has been turned off and cover or move any furniture under to prevent dust to get in.

4. Start by installing the light’s housing while making sure that it is properly wired.

5. To ensure that your lighting system works, turn the power back using the main switch and turn lights on.

Installing this lighting system is not as difficult as you thought as long as you know the entire process well. Actually, you don’t have to ask help from a professional electrician to do the task.

Because of the benefits it provides, recessed lighting is the most commonly used lighting system. In hotels, bars, night clubs or even some houses, they use 240-volt downlights because they are very bright. Meanwhile, halogen downlights and LED downlights are more often used in homes because they are more energy-saving.

Downlights are very much beneficial to both businessmen and homeowners because of numerous advantages they offer. For further details, click the link above.