Transporting Plants

When you are in the midst of moving, it is important that your house plants are protected.  Plants are very vulnerable to moves are they are often exposed to extreme temperatures and lack of water.

If you are moving during the colder months, be sure that your plants are more on the dry side than moist.  You can achieve this buy watering your plants 2-3 days before the move and then not watering them again until after the move.  If you happen to be moving during the months it is warmer, you want to water your plants the day that you move and allow the extra water to drain.

It is much easier to protect plants from the cold than it is to protect them from the heat.  If you are transporting them in the car, be sure that you transport them on the passenger side of the car.  It is recommended that you not use the trunk but if you find that you absolutely have to, it is important that you cover the boxes with blankets so they are protected from the heat or cold.

Plants may not react well to suddenly being placed in a dark box.  When transporting plants, it is important that you get your plants used to the dark at home.  You can do this by adding a sheer curtain to the window that the plants are on about a week before moving in order to reduce the light.

In order to avoid parasites from getting into your plants, be sure that put your house plants in a plastic bag that is dark.  Add a bug strip inside and allow the bag to set in a shaded area for several hours.  You want to do this about two weeks before moving day.

Other helpful tips for moving plants include securing vines that have weak stems with a stake.  Large plants should be secured using rubber bands that are placed in the same direction as its growth so you won’t experience breakage.

Two weeks before moving, contact your local flower shop to get information on how to properly prune plants.  This makes them easier to manage and easier to pack.  A few days before moving day, you will want to place plastic bags inside the boxes you will be using for your plants.  This will help to ensure that moisture will not seep through the boxes.  To be sure that you plants have the proper ventilation, be sure that you make holes in the boxes as well as the lids.

The day f the move, you will need to wrap newspaper around the plant tops.  Secure the lids of the boxes with tape.  Be sure that they are packed last in order to prevent crushing or tipping over.

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