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7 Things Every First-Time Homeowner Should Know

7 Things Every First-Time Homeowner Should Know

7 Things Every First-Time Homeowner Should Know – Huffington Post

And only once you start to shop for huge-enormous drapes do you learn how shockingly expensive and hard-to-find large window coverings in unconventional dimensions can be. In other words, you must take the long view.

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5 Tips to Keep Your Home Warmer – Windows

5 Tips to Keep Your Home Warmer – Windows

5 Tips for Insulating and Sealing Your Windows for Winter | Home

Sealing and insulating your windows may be a vital preventative step to avoid the blistery cold weather and to make sure you don’t waste too much energy. When it comes down to it, some energy will be wasted – it is a natural 

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5 Helpful Tips For Maintaining And Protecting Your Home.

Housing is very expensive to purchase. American homeowners use a lot of their disposable earnings to finance their home. They really do not want their home to get run down because they want to enjoy the home owner experience over their entire lifetime.

Here are 5 useful home ownership tips:

DOUBLE TASK – To save up to 50% on your HVAC costs you should install double pane windows in your home.

The money needed to buy and set up new windows can usually be recouped in around 2 years.

FIXING TO MOVE – If you are looking to fix up your home to improve the resale value, a Forbes report indicated that the best investments when modernizing include the kitchen, bathroom improvements and any increases to the interior square footage.

A swimming pool was found to do little to increase your home’s resale value but they do make the home more appealing and easier to sell.

OUT WITH THE OLD – Replacing an old heating, ventilating and cooling unit with a more energy efficient model can save big dollars on your power bill.

Changing from a unit that works at 80% efficiency to one operating at 95% capability can pay for itself in under 4 years.

DON’T SPREAD YOURSELF THIN – While we all seek to spare money when and where we can, using a high-end paint for the interior or exterior of your home is constantly a dependable idea.

Sometimes cutting corners is not the right answer. Using high quality paint allows you to use less to cover the area and it lasts much longer then the cheaper types. This will ensure your home looks great for many years.

YOURS TO INSURE – Since you are taking the time to get some hints and tips on maintaining your home, you should not stop here.

Update your home insurance policy to ensure you are fully protected. Take pictures or a video of your valuable goods around your home. Store this with a written list of all your high tech gadgets outside the home for safe keeping.

Make sure you fully understand what is covered and what is not covered under your standard home owner’s insurance policy. You may need to add coverage to make sure you are adequately covered for losses.

Read your insurance policy and ask your agent about any issues you have. Learn all you can about protecting your investments.

American homeowners are always looking for info to increase the value of their housing investment. Before looking aimlessly for housing related services, make sure you view Mark Bragg’s excellent home ownership ideas at The Association of American Homeowners, and get all your inquires answered on the topic of Home ownership from the official homeowners news magazine.