Changing the Exterior

Unless you can do the job yourself, siding contractors Calgary offers are a way to get a new look on the home. Siding is much easier to keep clean than brick, and you can get the siding in various colors. This is a benefit for those who don’t have the time to care for the exterior of the home like they want to or those who want a unique look on the outside of the home.

When you want to remodel the home, a company like Tony William Roofing & Exteriors can give you advice on how it can look and the best way to incorporate siding on the home. You don’t have to put the material on the entire exterior. You can put siding along a roof edge or a portion of the home that stands apart from the rest, such as an additional room that has been added after the home was built. There is usually a warranty offered when you hire a contractor to put the siding on the home. If something happens, such as hail damage, then the warranty will likely cover the damages. A contractor will decrease the stress and aggravation of applying the siding yourself, making it easier to enjoy the remodeling project after it’s completed.

Monitored Alarm Systems Give You Extra Protection Against Crime

Security systems are an effective way to keep your home, business and family secure. When you install an alarm, you take the first step towards securing your valuable possessions. The problem with unmonitored alarm systems is that you need to be around to contact the authorities when something goes wrong. If you aren’t around, you basically have a glorified noisemaker that doesn’t really help you catch the criminals that are breaking into your property.

Monitored systems keep you connected with the authorities when you aren’t physically present at your property. They give you advanced features like panic buttons, fire alarms and duress signaling. Regular alarm systems only make noise when an intruder is present; it’s up to the property owner to get in touch with the authorities.

Monitored systems deter thieves who watch your home or business to see how quickly the authorities respond. If they see that authorities are there only a few minutes after the alarm goes off, they are more likely to move on to an easier target. If you are gone when the alarm system goes off, the monitoring company contacts you, and they let you know what additional steps you need to take to make sure that your property is secure.

Most police jurisdictions only allow further investigation when there are outward signs of a break in, so if you have an unmonitored system, they can’t look inside of your home without permission. With a monitored system, you can arrange for the police to meet with a designated person on your property, and this gives them permission to check out your property thoroughly.

If you do your research and find the best priced alarm monitoring services, your insurance rates go down. If you add extras like fire monitoring, flood and freeze protection, then your home is a low risk for your insurers, and this means that they don’t need to charge you as much monthly. The discount that you get can easily cover the cost of the monitoring, so you actually end up saving money when you choose a monitored system.

Many police jurisdictions won’t respond to a self-monitored alarm, and they don’t respond to auto-dialed calls from your alarm system. That means that you need to rely on random people or neighbors to call the police when they hear your system going off. With a monitored system, authorities get a call as soon as the monitoring company can’t contact you, and this decreases response time by a large amount. Generally speaking, you don’t want to rely on neighbors and onlookers; they’ll look to see what’s going on, but you never know if they’ll actually place a call to the police.

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