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3 Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom Plumbing | Butter Plumbing

AIA Design Survey: Kitchen & Bath Remodels on the Rebound – Zillow

English: A bathroom.

English: A bathroom. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Homeowners looking to stay in their homes for retirement are also paying more attention to the accessibility of their bathrooms. Here’s a look at some of the most popular kitchen and bathroom upgrades this year: 


Your bathroom is probably the most plumbed room in the entire home. It is certainly one of the most used parts of the home. Your toilet alone can account for nearly one-third of the average family’s water consumption. It’s incredibly important that your bathroom be functional, efficient, as well as aesthetically pleasing. Whether during your morning routine or after a long day of work, you expect your bathroom to be comfortable and convenience. There are some excellent bathroom plumbing upgrades that you can take advantage of. In today’s post, we would like to review a few of these.




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Candles for Around the Home

Accessories are an important part of any home decor and appear in every room to some degree. Accessories are also now found in our outdoor spaces as our living quarters have expanded. One of the most commonly used accessory is the candle. Today, everyone uses candles for different reasons, from producing a light source to cleaning the surrounding air in a home. Let’s consider the different elements and look at examples of candles for your home from the Scented Candle Shop.1Lowboys_purple10

Using candles will add a certain ambience to any room with their warm glow and subtle light. Today, candles even can even add a particular fragrance to an area if it is desired. Lighting becomes intimate when using candles and can set the mood for any occasion from visiting with friends to a romantic evening. There are many popular types of candles to choose from in order to create the atmosphere you are looking for.


Aromatherapy candles are made to create a certain mood or to relax. While they may appear to be decorative item, they are often used in bathrooms to create a spa like surrounding. Using fragrances are also used throughout a home to eliminate unwanted odors that are often created by cooking. Also available are beeswax candles which are considered environmentally friendly and cleaner burning. These types of candles can include a variety of oils for fragrance.

Candles come in different shapes, sizes, textures and fragrances so that they can be used in different areas of the home. Jar candles are commonly used in today’s households because they are convenient and will last a long time. Most jar candles can be covered when not in use which reduces the amount of fragrance that is emitted when not in use. This type of candle is also considered very safe, strong and less messy. They are also extremely decorative for use around the different locations around the home or outdoors.


This basic information about candles is only the beginning of what is available today. Open yourself to a world of candles, present them indoors, bring them outdoors and see the soothing atmosphere they surround you with. Enjoy the relaxing nature candles bring to you, your family and friends. Use them everyday, at parties and in your outdoor space. Eventually, candles will become a necessary part of your life.


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Display A Favorite Picture With A Fun Photo Frame

It is not uncommon for people to let their pictures pile up over the years. Keeping up with the scrap booking and framing is not easy, and it can get very expensive. In order to put everything together, individuals must make sure they are looking for the right photo frame. With so many designs available, it can be difficult to make the right decision. Look into this guide, and find out about how to choose the right option for every picture in the house.

The pictures that are piling up need to be organized and set up. This is a step that needs to happen before any frames are shopped for and purchased. Get every box of pictures out, and sit down to go through them and place them in the appropriate piles. From there, take measurements of any unusual sizes so that the right options can be located and purchased.

Most people use these options as another way to decorate. If the walls have already been painted, take note of the colors and try to find frames that can match. Bright colors are very fun, and often create an exciting environment that visitors will love to come into. Pick and choose different designs in order to get a decent amount of variety.

Many materials have also been used in order to create many photo frames. The simple black plastic is still very popular, and cost effective but there are other options to choose from. Glass, metal and even wood has been used to create these frames. Make sure to gather a collection of different types that can be set up on various shelves or bookcases.

On top of the actual frames, look for the collage sets that are available. These sets actually look like numerous frames put together so that the individual can put in many different pictures at one time. Once the collage is finished it can be hung on the wall for everyone to enjoy. Look for these fun options, and make sure to have plenty of pictures ready to go.

Picture kits can be fun for the kids as well as the adults. These kits are very good for kids, simply because they allow them to unlock their imaginations and let them get really colorful. All supplies are included, which helps individuals save a great amount of money.

A house can certainly feel like a home when there are pictures on the wall. The right photo frame for each picture or collage needs to be chosen ahead of time. Feel free to try out new materials, and enjoy using the kits to make some true originals.

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What To Think About When Selecting Picture Frames

When you put documents, photographs or artwork into picture frames, it immediately raises their visibility and attraction. They are more display ready and can enhance and personalize any living or working space. Framing is the perfect way to draw attention to your greatest achievements, dearest loved ones or most prized art pieces.

Framing does more than just raise the aesthetic appeal of items. It is also an important method of protecting contents. Canvas, photo paper or document papers are better preserved when pressed flat and sealed behind a glass. Further, you are more easily able to keep account of the whereabouts of your precious items when they are hanging on walls than if they are tucked away in drawers.

It is understandable that people will choose picture mounts that they feel will compliment the room in which they plan to display them. However, the hanging environment should be secondary when choosing the perfect frame. More importantly, the tone, mood and subject of the piece to be framed should be taken into consideration. The frame should reflect the piece in colour and material. It should not overpower, understate or cheapen the image it holds.

There is a wide selection of commonly used framing materials. There is an even greater variation in the quality and costs of the products. Anyone shopping on a budget will be pleased by the huge variety of cheap mounts made of plastic. They can be very creative in their design and usually incorporate fun elements that are good for young people or in alternative or retro settings. They are a good way of exhibiting casual photography such as holiday snaps. It is a mistake to put valuable art or serious portraiture into a cheap case.

Metal is regularly used in modern framing. Materials like aluminium tubing or polished chrome give a high tech factory look. The designs are food for modern photography particularly digitally enhanced pictures and black and whites. The designs suit modern decors seen in offices and some homes.

Wood is traditional medium in the framing industry and remains the most used. Some wooden mounts are exquisitely carved and gilt in gold plating. Many are fashioned from hardwoods making them very costly. However they last for generations as seen by some in existence today that originate from medieval times. Others are simple light wood that are usually low cost and are mass produced.

There are so many picture frames available on the market and you are sure to find something to meet your needs. However, if you have difficulty in finding the right one for you, you can get a bespoke creation from a framing workshop.

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