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Designs With Fireplaces

A fireplace in the home can add beauty, elegance and sophistication depending on where it’s placed and the overall design. You can visit home design websites as well as sites for companies that sell fireplaces to get ideas for the latest designs with the click here option.

A modern glass fireplace that has a white border is ideal for a home along the beach or one that has a contemporary design. While many fireplaces are installed in front of a brick wall or one that might be made of stone, this design is one that could be put in front of a window or in an area of the home that is light in color so that it blends in with the surroundings.

Wood is a common material for burning. Some prefer gas, but at times it’s safer to burn wood. You can easily build a small storage space underneath the fireplace to keep enough wood to burn through the evening. This will prevent you from going outside to get wood when it needs to be burned.

If you’re looking for a unique design, consider black onyx that lights up when the fire is burning. You can see the white swirls and designs in the onyx while the fire glows. This is a beautiful idea for a cabin or a home that has wooden features. A stone fireplace is also an option for a log cabin as the stone will contrast well with the other stone features that many cabins often have inside.

The brick fireplace is one that has stood the test of time. However, there are a few variations of the design that you can create in order to give a bit of flair to the room. Paint the bricks white so that it has somewhat of a modern look. Add elegant armchairs and other furnishings to the room for a comfortable setting in a den or a reading room. Mirrors contrast well above fireplaces, capturing the dancing flames below, reflecting them on the wall and on the floor. A colored mirror that blends with the colors of the border around the fireplace adds a hint of modern design in any home.

Are You Considering an Electric Fireplace?

Are You Considering an Electric Fireplace?

5 reasons to consider an electric fireplace | Kohles and Bach

Kohles & Bach is your Des Moines fireplace store installing both gas and electric Heatilator fireplaces. If you’re considering adding an electric.

Original article on http://kohlesandbach.com Mon, 14 Oct 2013 02:59:05 GMT

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Looking to heat your home? Reap the benefits of a new fireplace installation

With the winter season rolling around, many homeowners are now having to think about solutions to heating their home. While insulation options such as pink batts and double glazed windows are great for retaining the heat in a home, you will still need a solution to generate the heat. There are numerous heating solutions for residential and commercial properties, and each has their own advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we will discuss one of the heating options available: fireplace installation.

While gas heating and electric heating are the most common forms of heating in the home, fireplaces can still provide efficient heat throughout your property. By burning wood in a fireplace, you are not only heating your home, but you are also helping to reduce your energy bill (as oppose to some other heating options).

There are a number of different brands of fireplaces to choose for your property. The prices for these fireplaces will differ depending on the brand and also where it is purchased from – so make sure you shop around before purchasing anything. All fireplaces are covered by their individual manufacturers warranties, so you can rest assured that any problems with your fireplace can be fixed.

As well as providing heating through the winter months, a new fireplace is a great asset to have in the home – a great idea if you are looking to renovate. Generally, a fireplace will increase the value of your property by double the amount of what you paid for the fireplace.

If you are considering a new fireplace for your property, consult your local fireplace installers. They can discuss which fireplace is best for your home, and let you know further advantages and disadvantages of each. Generally, fireplace installation companies can offer free onsite consultations and free quotes, so that you know pricing before any work beings.

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Chimney Installation & WETT Inspection

WETT Inspectors are Certified by the Wood Engergy Thermal Transfer, which is a non-profit organization that is used by most insurance companies. WETT requirements are taken from CSA, Building Code and Fire Code regulations.

In Canada every chimney must be installed in accordance with B365-01 and the National Building Code or Provincial Building Code applicable to where you are installing appliance.

Except when certified for use with a specific chimney or venting system a solid fuel burning appliance shall be connected to a masonry chimney conforming to provincial regulations or, in the absence of such regulations the requirements of the National Building Code or use a Certified Factory Built chimney.

The chimney shall be capable of venting the products of combustion and shall be sized in accordance with appliance manufacturer’s instructions. If the flue liner of a chimney meeting the requirements of Clause 5.2.1. of CSA must be repaired or reduced in cross-sectional area, a certified lining system, or materials in conformance with the National Building Code shall be used.

A solid fuel burning appliance shall not be connected to a chimney that is connected to a fireplace or incinerator, except where;
(a) the fireplace or incinerator is made inoperable; (b) all entries to the chimney flue, other than the appliance flue pipe, are effectively sealed with noncombustible materials; (c) access for cleaning is provided; and (d) the fireplace damper handle is made inoperable.

A flue pipe shall be securely supported from the structure by means of metal or other noncombustible supports and horizontal pipes shall be supported at intervals not exceeding 3 m. the flue pipe shall be as short and straight as practical; and a single wall pipe shall not exceed 3 m total length of pipe and shall not have a total change in direction of more than 180 degrees.

When a flue pipe is passing through a thimble, the female end of the flue pipe shall reach but not protrude beyond the interior surface of the flue. The male end of the flue pipe shall extend beyond the thimble by at least 30 mm. A flue pipe or manifold serving one or more solid-fuel-burning appliances shall be constructed of steel or other approved noncombustible material with melting point of not less than 1100 degrees Celsius. Galvanized steel shall not be used.

A WETT inspection is only recognized by your insurance company. If you are constructing a masonry fireplace or chimney you will need a building permit and have to have the construction inspected prior to enclosing with brick.

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