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Relaxing The Day Away

When you’re trying to think of something to give to someone for a holiday or birthday, consider a healing spa gift basket. You can add almost anything to this kind of basket, and it can be something that has a personal touch as most men and women don’t take the time to pamper themselves. Find a basket that has a beautiful design if it’s for a woman, or get something that is a little more basic with a few dark colors for a man.

As you begin to fill the basket, think about what the person likes. If the person enjoys manicures and pedicures, then include more of these items, such as a certificate for these services or the items to take care of the nails at home. You can include bubble bath, bath salts, oils and more. Choose scents that compliment the person instead of something that you would enjoy. This is a basket that you are creating so that someone else has a way to relax after a long day at work or after having a baby. You can create this kind of basket for any reason, even if it’s to simply say you are thinking about someone through the day.

Three Ways to Revitalize Old Furniture

Whether you’ve found at excellent old piece at a thrift shop or your favorite chair is looking a trifle worn, you can breathe new life into your furniture without breaking the bank. Here are some tips for reworking old furniture instead of tossing it out.

Give It a Coat of Paint

For wood, wicker and plastic, a quick coat of paint can take furniture from drab to fab. While of course you don’t want to slap paint on quality antiques, mass-produced furniture can be spruced up with paint. Make sure to sand and prepare the surface so that the paint will stick properly, and be aware that painting wicker is easiest with spray paint.

Reupholster the Piece

Stained or worn upholstery can make furniture look ratty, but some new fabric can make all the difference. You can browse upholstery fabric stores to score discounts on discontinued fabrics, or you can even cut upholstery from discarded furniture and reuse it.

Have It Professionally Serviced

Sometimes, a professional can restore your furniture to its showroom luster. This is especially true for more advanced restorations such as re-caning seats on chairs, stripping and refinishing wood or reinforcing loose joins. If your furniture is made well and you’d rather not toss it on the junk pile just yet, a professional can add decades of life to an old piece.

Furniture doesn’t necessarily have a finite lifespan. With careful restoration or DIY methods, you can extend the useful life of your pieces without needing to replace them.

A Decorative Accessory That Enlivens Your Home and Uplifts Your Spirit

Your home is your personal domain. You have the wonderful opportunity to let your creative spirit soar and to completely release your flair for design when you choose the decorative accessories to include in your home decor. There is an increase in the popularity of a decorative accessory for your home that you may not have considered. This stunning accessories has been admired by many in the past in settings such as churches and magnificent structures throughout the world. This unique form of art that you can proudly and fashionably display in your home is beautiful stained glass art.

If this is an art form that you have not explored as a decorative home accessory, you should take the time to browse through the many designs that are available. Stained glass panels are available in sizes and prices that make them a feasible choice for a home. Stained glass designs that feature traditional scenes and brilliant colors can complement many home decors. However, they might not be an ideal fit in a modern or contemporary decor. For those interior design themes, a stained glass panel with geometric designs or a sophisticated pattern featuring neutral colors might be a more compatible choice. If you are among those who have chosen to incorporate some vintage decor into your home, a stained glass panel that features a vintage car would be a stunning statement piece for your home. Let your personality shine through in your selection of a stained glass panel.

Decking Around

One of the additions that will be an improvement to the beauty of your home and the value is a wooden deck. There are various kinds of wood to sue when building the deck. You can create any kind of design that you want, and the wood can be stained or painted. One of the benefits of a deck is that it will increase the value. This will be something that buyers will look at if you choose to sell the home in the future.Hammer and nails by Hans Godo Frabel

Another advantage to having a deck is that you can use the space to entertain friends and family. It provides extra room that you might not have inside the home. A grill can be placed on the deck so that you can have a cookout. You can build a deck around a pool so that there is a place to sit while others, especially children, are in the water. A deck adds square footage to the home, and if you enclose the deck, you will have a room where you can sit when you want a view of the outdoors without all of the bugs and direct sunlight. Click here for pictures of completed decks and types of wood that can be used.