How Different Industries Use Diaphragm Pumps

According to experts, the diaphragm market is growing at a steady pace. Many businesses in different countries are now using the technology to tackle wastewater treatment tasks, food processing chores, and pharmaceutical projects.

The Water Treatment Industry

Workers in the wastewater treatment industry use diaphragm pumps during situations that involve disinfection and coagulation. All of the pumps that are designed for waste management businesses are constructed in a unique way. As a result, they can control:


Thanks to these perks, the demand for diaphragm pumps many business districts will increase over time. The most technically advanced economies already have the infrastructure for the newest water treatment solutions.

Oil and Gas Businesses

Double diaphragm pumps with air-operated capabilities help oil and gas industries throughout the distribution process. When diaphragm pump manufacturers make supplies for oil and gas companies, all of the components are coated with a special material that’s strong and rust-resistant. Since the pumps will constantly pull oil from salty sea water, manufacturers construct the toughest pumps efficiently so that the components can withstand moisture and various climate changes.

Chemical Industries

Chemical companies use diaphragm pumps to transfer fluids during daily production tasks. Because the pumps are strong and durable, they prevent downtime by successfully moving harsh chemicals to various locations in a safe and efficient manner.

Why Major Industries Use Diaphragm Pumps

Many oil-free pumps are available for commercial use. A diaphragm pump is just one of the many options that are commonly used in industrial environments. Many businesses pick diaphragm pumps instead of other solutions because of the operational and efficiency benefits. Although diaphragm pumps don’t have any sealed or lubricated components, they still perform well in commercial environments. This is possible because the pumps have components that act like a vacuum in areas where gases and vapors roam.

Diaphragm pumps will continue to evolve because thousands of industrial businesses in many cities rely on the equipment during production and distribution projects. If you need supplies that are reliable, strong, and efficient, Graco diaphragm pumps are worth considering.