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The Many Faces of Wood Decorations

Wood is one of the most versatile decorating materials out there. It can be used as-is, painted, primered, shaped, sawed and salvaged while maintaining its usefulness. The possibilities are what makes wood a good base for decorating. Let’s look at just four of the design aesthetics that wood caters to.

Wood comes from nature. More importantly for decorative purpose, it even looks like it comes from nature. For many, that gives wood panels, baskets and planters a traditional and warm look. That feeling of home also makes plain and untreated wood an acceptable decoration. Wood can get away with being deliberately rustic. It can be faded and chipped but still beautiful. Click here to see some examples of basic wood products for a variety of uses.

Glossy wood finishes transform wood from classic and rusty to modern and sleek. Like classic, it offers the comforting feel of nature. However, the modern look satisfies the suburbanite in you. Besides a sleek finishing, try funky tilts for wooden frames, criss-crossing patterns and uneven stacking of drawers. There are plenty of fresh looks out there created by people who weren’t afraid to be creative with their wood.

Sometimes classic and modern aren’t really your thing. Maybe you prefer the fun and colorful look provided by artsy wooden signs and a paint-splattered caddy. That works fine with wood bases, and having fun with it might just bring to mind your old Nutcracker men or miniature trains. Wood and childhood have a beloved history.

A stylized wooden case can hold wine bottles. A wooden centerpiece can be a fantastic work of art. Creatively placed boxes and slide-outs make for good sitting space and storage space. Wood can be a lot of fun, but it’s capable of adding a formal touch to your house, porch or garden. Wood furnishings are useful and attractive.

Wood is at home in almost any home. So keep that in mind when you’re decorating and can only imagine an old log cabin. The cabin is possible, but so are the colorful planters and the boxes passing as stylish side tables. Don’t underestimate wood.

7 Simple Tips and Tricks to Style Your Home

7 Simple Tips and Tricks to Style Your Home

7 Simple Tips and Tricks to Style Your Home – Uncommon Designs

… to Style Your Home. Havertys 2014 Always On. Style your home to fit your family and lifestyle with these 7 simple things. … Also, think about metals, wood tones, and glass to add dimension to your decorating. 1. {source} 2.

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5 Tips for Furnishing and Decorating Your First Apartment

5 Tips for Furnishing and Decorating Your First Apartment 

5 Tips for Furnishing and Decorating Your First Apartment | Home

If you’re in the process of moving in and you’re looking for a few handy tips on how you can make your apartment look just as you’d like without spending a ton of money in the process, we have five that will be sure to help you 

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How To Save Room In An Apartment

Apartments simply don’t provide the same amount of space that the house does. While this has many advantages, such as being much easier to clean, it also makes it difficult to store your things without appearing cluttered and crowded. However, if you make efficient use of the space you have, you might find it surprising how roomy your apartment can feel.

To start with, make sure any furniture you have can be used for multiple purposes. For example, there are many center tables available that double up as storage units. This can include tables that have shelves or drawers beneath them as well as ottoman style tables that open to reveal a chest inside them. This will help you store additional items you do not use on a regular basis, thereby freeing room in shelves and cupboards around the house.

Installing additional shelving is a very effective and easy way to increase the storage capacity of your apartment. Many landlords allow the residents to make minor alterations like adding shelves. If done right, they not only look nice, but add a lot of real estate that you can use for storage. If possible, you might also consider adding extra shelves to closets and cupboards. Another effective solution is to use free-standing shelves or drawer units. These can create a lot of storage while taking only a small amount and space and requiring virtually no installation.

When searching for furniture, it’s important to know the limits of the apartment and choose items that won’t be obnoxiously large within the confines of the room. Generally, larger furniture will give the room the appearance of being smaller, and vice versa. Great care should be taken to ensure that the centerpieces of the room, such as the primary couch and TV, don’t diminish the appearance of space. Mirrors are commonly cited as a way to make a room appear larger, but care should also be taken here as well, since too large of a mirror can be counterproductive.

If you take proper measures to ensure that everything is the right size for the apartment and take advantage of some of these tricks, you might be surprised how roomy your apartment can feel. If you reserve the floor space for the main furnishings, like the couch and entertainment objects, and use the walls, closets and multi-purpose furniture items for storage, you can maximize the space available to you in your apartment.

Remember, it is not important how much space you have but rather how well you use it. A smaller apartment has its benefits – it’s easier to clean, cheaper to furnish – and there is no reason you should suffer any drawback in terms of space or storage if you follow a few general guidelines.

Apartments can offer many advantages over committing to buying a house. Anyone on the lookout for Luxury Apartments in Baldwinsville NY would likely find exactly what they’re looking for in The Hammocks at Timberbanks.