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Restaurant Slip and Fall Hazards

There are very few work environments that are as full of activity as a commercial restaurant’s kitchen. Servers, busboys, cooks, hosts, and managerial staff are constantly walking back and forth through the kitchen area. Because of the nature of the business, working in a restaurant can be stressful. Restaurant work usually requires employees to move back and forth at a very quick pace. The demands put on employees by customers can make them feel stressed. When an employee enters the kitchen, the only thing that is on their mind is getting the food from the kitchen to the table. It can cause servers, managers, and other employees to have very severe tunnel vision. At times, they may not be aware of a slip and fall hazard that is on the floor.

Non slip kitchen mats, such as those created by companies like matsfloorsmore.com for example, provide protection to employees in this hectic environment. Kitchen related slip and fall hazards come from a wide range of circumstances. For example, grease and water spills on a tile kitchen floor can make it slippery. Food that has spilled on the floor as well as liquid that comes from dishwashing areas can also make tile floors slick.

Additionally, there are a lot of physical obstructions that can make it difficult for servers and other restaurant staff to navigate a kitchen. One example of these types of hazards are drain covers that are not properly placed.

Having mats on the floor that prevent slips and falls are especially important in areas that have snow precipitation during the winter. As employees enter the restaurant, they will track snow into the restaurant. If the restaurant is not properly equipped, the water and snow from their shoes and boots may melt, leading to accidents.

Employees who have the responsibility to stock items at a restaurant are particularly vulnerable to slip and fall accidents. This is because as they are carrying boxes of food, napkins, paper cups, or other supplies and they may not to be able to see what is in front of them. This may cause them to inadvertently slip on oil or water that is on the floor.

Busboys are also prone to slip and fall accidents. This is especially the case when they are carrying tubs that are full of dishes and liquid. A full tub carried by a busboy can weigh in excess of 40 pounds. If they are not careful and if proper safety mats are not installed, it is easy for them to slip and fall.

Renting a Van

You might need to rent a van for a wide variety of reasons. Perhaps you are moving to a new home, or you need to transport a lot of equipment to a party or other large event. Whatever the case may be, if you plan on renting a van in the near future, you will need to find a reputable and affordable place to rent the van. This is easier said than done. This is because all places that rent vans were not created equal. Here is how to find a van rental agency.

Talk to the people you know

There is a very good chance that many of your friends and family have rented a van within the past several years. If they have, talk to them about the experience they had. Was the van in good working condition? Did it have mechanical problems? Was it clean? Did they pay a good price? If you are able to get some positive references from the people you know about hackney van hire, make a note of these van rental agencies and give them a call.

Look online

Along with talking to people you know, you can also do an online search for van rental agencies in your area. You can take a look at their various websites to get an idea of the different vans they offer, as well as the prices they charge. You should look at as many van rental agency websites as you can. The prices they charge will vary greatly.

Buying Land In Another Country

When searching for property in Ecuador or another country, there are a few things to keep in mind so that you get the best deal possible. A real estate agent can often find the best deals for you, but if you know what to look for, then you can find beautiful pieces of property on your own.

If you aren’t sure how to handle transactions from one country to another, it’s best if you get legal help. All of the documents can be drawn up by the attorney, and you won’t have to worry if the paperwork is done correctly. This can save you money later on if you mess something up or you don’t complete a form. It’s also best to use a lawyer in order to avoid going through a scam. Choose the location wisely. There are areas that will fluctuate in price based on the market. Buy when the market is low, and sell when the market is high in order to get the best rates possible. Decide why you want to use the property. If you want to live there, then you need to look at all of the regulations on building. If you plan on using the land for another purpose, you need to find out the zoning requirements and what needs to be done to the land before taking control.

5-Year Low for Mortgage Fraud Index

DALLAS, April 8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — The holidays took a toll on mortgage fraud prosecutions as the Q4-2012 Mortgage Fraud Index sank to its lowest level in nearly five years. However, the drop appears to have only been temporary. California saw a big improvement, while the dollar volume in Florida spiked.
Mortgage Daily tracked activity on 105 mortgage fraud cases for $1.3 billion during the fourth quarter. The actions are chronicled at the mortgage fraud blog FraudBlogger.com and represent activity on mostly criminal cases filed in local, state and federal courts.
It was the fewest number of cases tracked since at least 2007, while the dollar amount hasn’t been this low since the first-quarter 2011.
Activity fell from 141 cases for $1.7 billion three months earlier and 171 cases for $1.8 billion a year earlier.
The Mortgage Fraud Index, itself, was 758 in the fourth quarter — its lowest showing since the first-quarter 2008.

Index by Quarter




# Cases

Q4 2012




Q3 2012




Q4 2011




But the decline in activity appears only to be temporary, according to Mortgage Daily Founder and Publisher Sam Garcia.
“Preliminary data indicates that mortgage fraud case activity during the first quarter of this year was up around 25 percent from the fourth quarter,” he said.
The Mortgage Fraud Index factors in both the number of cases and the estimated amount of loans associated with each case.
While SARs and other fraud risk measures focus on fraud that might have happened or could happen — the Mortgage Fraud Index reflects proven cases of fraud.
Based on the dollar amount of loans involved, Florida — which wasn’t even ranked among the five-worst during the third quarter — ascended to the top spot.
California tied Florida for the highest state index, though California’s index slid from the third quarter, when the state ranked No. 1.

Top States by Total Amount













New York






Full Fourth-Quarter 2012 Mortgage Fraud Index report: www.MortgageDaily.com/FraudIndex040713.asp?spcode=pr
Mortgage Fraud News:http://www.mortgagedaily.com/MortgageFraud.asp?spcode=pr
About Mortgage DailyFounded in 1998, Mortgage Daily is a leading source of mortgage news, mortgage statistics and analysis for the mortgage industry. Visit us at http://www.MortgageDaily.com.
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