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How to Green Your Home

Feeling guilty that you haven’t gone green yet? Being more eco-friendly at home doesn’t have to turn into a headache. Here are a handful of super easy ideas (and one in-depth project) to take care of the environment from the comfort of your own home.

1. If you don’t love how dim CFL light bulbs can be, you don’t have to swap out all of your incandescent bulbs for them. Just choose a few lamps that you don’t use often or that you don’t need bright light from and replace just those bulbs.

2. Instead of going through a hundred plastic water bottles every week, install a filter on your sink and invest in two or three reusable bottles that you can regularly refill.

3. Cleanup spills and messes with cloth towels and save your paper towels for really serious messes. You’ll go through far fewer paper items if you make a habit of grabbing a bar towel for minor spills.

4. Get some natural sunlight into your home with skylights, cutting down on the unnatural light you have to use and, in turn, lowering your electricity bills. For more information, click here.

There’s no reason to feel guilty about not going green yet – nobody does everything in an eco-friendly way, after all! Making a few simple changes at home will ease your guilt and help you give back to the environment at the same time.

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Should You Use Solar Lights?

When looking at outdoor landscape lighting, you have three basic options. First of all, you can get lights that have to be plugged in, hardwired just like the lights in your home. These offer continuous light, but they can be hard to set up if you do not have any plugs on the outside of your house. Installing plugs can add a lot of expense to the project, and you do not really want to run extension cords inside, going through the windows. This could detract from the look and feel of the outdoor space, which is exactly what you care about most in the first place.

Another option is to get battery-powered outdoor lights. These get rid of all of those cords so that you do not have to run them anywhere, but they still give you lighting where you want it. In fact, they are much better in that regard because a battery-powered light is self-contained, so you can set it up wherever you want. You can perfectly create the atmosphere that you desire to have outside. However, the downside is that these lights are going to die far more frequently than any other type. If it is not the bulbs going out, it will be the batteries running out of power.

Your third option, then, is to use solar powered lights. These give you many of the same advantages as batteries, seeing as how you do not need to have any cords and you can put the lights wherever you want. However, the biggest upside is that you also do not need any sort of a battery to go along with them. They naturally draw their power from the sun, so they have a charge whenever you want to use them, and they never go dead. If you get LED solar lights, you rarely even have to worry about the bulbs going dead since they last for so long.

In many ways, solar lights are just the best option for any homeowner. Once you have them installed, you can basically forget about them. There is very little upkeep, and there are very few expenses after you get them in place. These are also good to use as security lights because you can get some that turn on automatically whenever the sun goes down. They simply sense the level of light outside and turn on when they are needed.

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Tips for Money Saving Energy Efficient Home Improvements

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