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Bring in New Business with the Right Furniture

If you operate a cafe or restaurant, you will obviously want to bring in all the new customers you can and hang on to your existing ones. There are a number of things that are critical for making this happen. Obviously, if the food is no good or the service is lacking, people are not likely to come back. On the other hand, if you have a reputation for excellent service and delicious food, word will get around, and new people will want to try out your establishment.

There are other things that may not be quite so apparent but can give you an advantage the competition. One of these things is the décor. It sets the tone for the atmosphere and goes a long way in setting the customers at ease so they can better enjoy their meal. The furniture has a tremendous impact on the atmosphere as well as the comfort of those who are dining. If you are in charge of selecting cafeteria furniture Canada, there are companies like Rodo Industries that can help you make the right selection.

Booths vs. Tables

Some people may prefer to sit at a booth while others prefer a table. With some creative thinking, you can provide both and do so in a way that makes them complement each other. Choosing tables and booths of the same theme means they will not clash with each other. For example, if you have a diner with a 50’s theme, you can color coordinate the booths with the tables to make them go well together.


No matter how visually appealing the tables and booths with their associated seating are, if they are uncomfortable for sitting, people may not return for subsequent visits. They come to your business for a relaxing meal, not to sit uncomfortably for a period of time. Seats do not need to be so hard that they make a person hurt after sitting for too long, nor do they need to be so soft that one sinks so deep into the seat that it is hard to get up.

While some things are obvious and others are more subtle when it comes to the design of your restaurant or cafeteria, attention to detail is important if you expect to have a competitive advantage over others when it comes to getting and keeping loyal customers.

The Many Faces of Wood Decorations

Wood is one of the most versatile decorating materials out there. It can be used as-is, painted, primered, shaped, sawed and salvaged while maintaining its usefulness. The possibilities are what makes wood a good base for decorating. Let’s look at just four of the design aesthetics that wood caters to.

Wood comes from nature. More importantly for decorative purpose, it even looks like it comes from nature. For many, that gives wood panels, baskets and planters a traditional and warm look. That feeling of home also makes plain and untreated wood an acceptable decoration. Wood can get away with being deliberately rustic. It can be faded and chipped but still beautiful. Click here to see some examples of basic wood products for a variety of uses.

Glossy wood finishes transform wood from classic and rusty to modern and sleek. Like classic, it offers the comforting feel of nature. However, the modern look satisfies the suburbanite in you. Besides a sleek finishing, try funky tilts for wooden frames, criss-crossing patterns and uneven stacking of drawers. There are plenty of fresh looks out there created by people who weren’t afraid to be creative with their wood.

Sometimes classic and modern aren’t really your thing. Maybe you prefer the fun and colorful look provided by artsy wooden signs and a paint-splattered caddy. That works fine with wood bases, and having fun with it might just bring to mind your old Nutcracker men or miniature trains. Wood and childhood have a beloved history.

A stylized wooden case can hold wine bottles. A wooden centerpiece can be a fantastic work of art. Creatively placed boxes and slide-outs make for good sitting space and storage space. Wood can be a lot of fun, but it’s capable of adding a formal touch to your house, porch or garden. Wood furnishings are useful and attractive.

Wood is at home in almost any home. So keep that in mind when you’re decorating and can only imagine an old log cabin. The cabin is possible, but so are the colorful planters and the boxes passing as stylish side tables. Don’t underestimate wood.

Fun Tips to Enhance a Home

While living in a home can be quite exciting, a room or rooms may feel dull and disappointing. However, there is hope. There are fun tips that are able to enhance the look of a home.

Light Up
When looking at a way to change the look of a home, consider lighting. Lamps and overhead lights provide brightness throughout the course of the day. At the same time, a specific lamp may be dated. Lampshades may be filled with dust and look old. Therefore, consider improving the lighting situation. It may be time to purchase new lampshades that look modern and pleasant. In other situations, an entire lamp may need to be replaced. A trendy standing lamp may be a better way of displaying light within a room. People who are looking for a quirky lamp may find that waiting until college dorm merchandise is on sale is the best way of purchasing something unique. Some people have discovered that they have not been using the right type of light bulb and have not received the type of light that a room deserves. More light in one area of a home can transform how it looks.

Wall to Wall
Walls are what people often see when they enter a home. It may be time to change the way walls look. A bookshelf can be a great way to maximize space while decorating a wall at the same time. Home décor can be put on shelves, and there are numerous types of bookshelves that can complement a room. Another idea is to find new works of art that can adorn a room. Although favorite pictures have a place that many other works of art do not, it may be time to find something new for a particular space. Some people like to switch out paintings depending on the season. While that does take effort, some homeowners feel that different art on the walls keeps a room feeling fresh.

One of the benefits of room enhancement is that there are numerous options that people can choose that will truly transform a room. Whether it is time to get new lighting, wall décor or something else, such as a freshwater planted aquarium, homeowners have the freedom go to bold. Transforming a room can be a wonderful way to make a home feel like it is truly home.

Three Ways to Revitalize Old Furniture

Whether you’ve found at excellent old piece at a thrift shop or your favorite chair is looking a trifle worn, you can breathe new life into your furniture without breaking the bank. Here are some tips for reworking old furniture instead of tossing it out.

Give It a Coat of Paint

For wood, wicker and plastic, a quick coat of paint can take furniture from drab to fab. While of course you don’t want to slap paint on quality antiques, mass-produced furniture can be spruced up with paint. Make sure to sand and prepare the surface so that the paint will stick properly, and be aware that painting wicker is easiest with spray paint.

Reupholster the Piece

Stained or worn upholstery can make furniture look ratty, but some new fabric can make all the difference. You can browse upholstery fabric stores to score discounts on discontinued fabrics, or you can even cut upholstery from discarded furniture and reuse it.

Have It Professionally Serviced

Sometimes, a professional can restore your furniture to its showroom luster. This is especially true for more advanced restorations such as re-caning seats on chairs, stripping and refinishing wood or reinforcing loose joins. If your furniture is made well and you’d rather not toss it on the junk pile just yet, a professional can add decades of life to an old piece.

Furniture doesn’t necessarily have a finite lifespan. With careful restoration or DIY methods, you can extend the useful life of your pieces without needing to replace them.