Inspecting Your Roof for Damage

As the final days of summer come to a close, it is time to begin thinking about protecting your home from unpredictable winter. You can do this by hiring a Fort Worth roofing company or doing the initial inspection on your own.

Ensuring that your roof is sturdy enough for the extreme temperatures that winter brings is very important. You want to avoid structural or water damage that can end up costing you an exorbitant amount of money.

Techniques for Assessing Possible Damage

Professional roofers can inspect the roof and determine if any repairs are necessary prior to winter. However, if you feel confident in your ability to access the condition of your roof, climb a ladder and take a look. Storms or falling branches might have caused some minor damage that could become worse if not identified and repaired as soon as possible.If there are leaks inside your home, you want to pinpoint any possible connections on the roof. Look in that area for things such as missing shingles or rot. Some of the common areas where leaks can occur include the chimney and skylights.

Any leaks that exist now will only get worse during the winter when snow accumulation adds weight to the structure of your roof. Not fixing the problem before winter begins can create a bigger problem.

How to Look for Possible Risks to a Serious Problem

Other outside areas can cause problems. Inspect the gutters to make sure debris from falling leaves are cleared. Otherwise, water will not flow properly through the downspout and away from the house. Additionally, ice dams could form and add more weight to the gutters.Another area to assess is kitchen vents. Airflow is particularly important so ventilation goes outdoors instead of an empty space in the roof’s support structure. This, plus cold temperatures will lead to dew and dampness in areas where it does not belong.

Don’t Ignore Damaged Areas

Any weight or damage that may occur before winter sets in will worsen once snow and ice comes. Getting repairs done early will save you money, including the possibility of needing a new roof sooner than you expected.Even if you do not hire a professional roofer to initially inspect your roof you will want to get a licensed professional if repairs are needed. Doing this will help to protect you and your family by ensuring repairs are done correctly.

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