Bring in New Business with the Right Furniture

If you operate a cafe or restaurant, you will obviously want to bring in all the new customers you can and hang on to your existing ones. There are a number of things that are critical for making this happen. Obviously, if the food is no good or the service is lacking, people are not likely to come back. On the other hand, if you have a reputation for excellent service and delicious food, word will get around, and new people will want to try out your establishment.

There are other things that may not be quite so apparent but can give you an advantage the competition. One of these things is the décor. It sets the tone for the atmosphere and goes a long way in setting the customers at ease so they can better enjoy their meal. The furniture has a tremendous impact on the atmosphere as well as the comfort of those who are dining. If you are in charge of selecting cafeteria furniture Canada, there are companies like Rodo Industries that can help you make the right selection.

Booths vs. Tables

Some people may prefer to sit at a booth while others prefer a table. With some creative thinking, you can provide both and do so in a way that makes them complement each other. Choosing tables and booths of the same theme means they will not clash with each other. For example, if you have a diner with a 50’s theme, you can color coordinate the booths with the tables to make them go well together.


No matter how visually appealing the tables and booths with their associated seating are, if they are uncomfortable for sitting, people may not return for subsequent visits. They come to your business for a relaxing meal, not to sit uncomfortably for a period of time. Seats do not need to be so hard that they make a person hurt after sitting for too long, nor do they need to be so soft that one sinks so deep into the seat that it is hard to get up.

While some things are obvious and others are more subtle when it comes to the design of your restaurant or cafeteria, attention to detail is important if you expect to have a competitive advantage over others when it comes to getting and keeping loyal customers.

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