3 Ways to Liven Up Your Bathroom Design

Once you’ve been in a home for a few years, it’s nice to switch things up. Spontaneity and diversity are good for keeping things exciting and interesting. If you’ve found yourself stuck in a rut with your home decor, start with a smaller space like the bathroom. Once you’ve learned how to coordinate the changes you’d like to see in a smaller space, it will give you more motivation and confidence to keep going throughout the rest of your home.

1. Walls
The walls are the perfect canvases for a new look. Whether you choose to do one wall in the bathroom or all of them, color is a great option. Bright and bold colors are tons of fun for smaller spaces. If you’d prefer to leave a subtle impact, consider painting the ceiling a strong color and then using a muted version of that color on the walls of the bathroom. Wallpaper is a popular option for walls. It may be best to go with an option that’s waterproof since so much condensation and moisture happens in the bathroom on a regular basis.

2. Fixtures and Lighting
Fixtures such as the doorknob handles, shower curtain rods and knobs for the faucets usually come with the house. Customize them and make them your own. When you’re dealing with interior design, in many cases, the impact is created in the smaller details. Visit local antique shops, home decor stores or department stores and see what styles are available and create a look you’ll enjoy.

3. Refinishing
There’s nothing worse than using an old bathroom. There are times when it’s clear that bathroom hasn’t been updated in decades. After a while, the tiles start to loosen. The toilet begins to rust. The bathtub begins to chip and the varnish doesn’t look shiny anymore. These are some of the most important tasks to take care of. It makes no sense to decorate and paint a bathroom if the bathtub, toilet and sink look grungy. Bathtub refinishing raleigh nc is a great route to choose for. This is an excellent way to brighten the look of the entire room. In return, it will leave you wanting to actually get in and enjoy your bathtub.

These are just three simple ways to liven up your bathroom design and there are many more. With intention, creativity and patience, you’ll be able to achieve the bathroom of your dreams in no time.

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